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Hybrid 100V and the 140 A-Max

Started by giterdone, January 25, 2012, 10:55:46 AM

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Just scratching the surface on trying this fairly new "easy metering" powder.  Burning rate is between H4350 and H4831.  I loaded some 140 gr. A-Max bullets in some spare cases I had that were "formed from IMI .308 brass" with 40.9 grs. of Hybrid 100V which Hogdons 2011 manual lists as maximum...velocity 2736 fps. Hornadys 8th edition manual lists 42.8 grs. as Max ...velocity 2725 fps.  Confusing...... so I called Hornady and asked "there is almost a 2 grain difference using the same barrel length and twist...which info is correct"?  The answer I got was "BOTH".  Any way the reason I loaded them with 40.9 grs. is that the IMI .308 cases made into 6.5 Creedmoor cases are about 20 grains heavier so one would assume they would hold less powder, so I decided to work up from there.  Getting to the point.. they produced just under .5 MOA  in my friends DPMS LR 6.5 Creedmoor at 200 yards.  Have not tried a ladder for the loads yet.  Has anyone on the forum tried this powder with the 140's or heavier bullets yet; like 42.5grs. of H100V in "Hornady" 6.5 cases w/140 A-Max?  Preferably in a 26" or 28" barrel?  YMMV
The latest caliber or gear is no substitute for experience and skill.  Rifles and cartridges don't make hits-----shooters do.


I haven't tried any as of yet.  It looks like you are going to have to be the one to give the rest of us a up date after you do a ladder test.  I will be looking forward to hearing the results.  I can't find a single thing wrong with the H4350 but like yourself I do believe there is something better out there.  I just have found it yet.  You just might have found it.  Keep us posted


I've been shooting 41.5 with the 140 A-maxs in a Savage LRP. I have been getting 2770 fps with outstanding accuarcy. Everything has been well under 1/2 moa. Same load withe the Berger 130 vld runs 2880 and shoots just as well.


My 26" CM is not here yet, Hybrid 100V is on my shelf to try with the 140's.  Thanks for the update too.


I am very interested in how the Hybrid 100V works out.  I am looking forward to hear the results of ladder testing.  I hope someone has a Savage model 16FCSS that dose some testing as the results out of Savage LRP seem to shoot quite a lot different.  The 26" heavy barrel of the LRP rifle seems to shoot better than the lighter weight 22" sporting/hunting weight and seem to be more forgiving so most of the pet loads for the LRP aren't the best loads for the lighter weight shorter barrels.


FINALLY......It got into the 40's today but windy ....17 mph 5 o'clock wind at the range but I did the ladder test with Hybrid 100V powder and Hornady 140 gr. A-Max bullets as follows.  I fired five shot groups with five different weight charges at 100 yards.  Progressing from 40.9...41.3...41.7...42.0...42.5 using GM210M primers and Hornady brass cases.  I took pictures but it will be a day or two before I will be able to post them but I will put them (of all 5 targets) on this site.  They were shot with my Savage 12LRP at 100 yards and the most accurate load was 41.7grs four shots in .25" and the fifth opening it to .50" this in a 17 mph wind.  Im sure that in less windy conditions the groups would shrink but it was difficult holding center while concentrating on trigger squeeze between gusts.  All case necks were void of residue until I got up to the 42.0 gr. load and some light residue appeared on a couple of cases.  Primers were good to go even on the max load.  For comparison I fired 10 rounds of my top load 42.5 grs using a Berger 140VLD Hunting bullet.  I was surprised to find heavy residue on the necks which did not appear when using the same load with A-Max bullets.  Over all length of the Bergers were 2.855 .015 short of the lands.  The A-Max O.A.L. was 2.816 or .044 jump to the lands.  Im thinking that a magnum primer is in order for 42.5 grains or higher as the GM210M was leaving residue on the neck using that much powder that is  slower burning than H4350.  Any way I will post the pictures of the ladder test next post.  Did not bring the chrono because of the wind.  YMMV
The latest caliber or gear is no substitute for experience and skill.  Rifles and cartridges don't make hits-----shooters do.


Here is the results of the ladder test.  It is plain to see that 41.7 grs. of Hybrid 100V (target #3) was the most consistent.  Keep in mind that it was windy and some of the targets reflect the wind gusts.  I have not chronographed the load yet but "tommyjoe" posted 2770 with 41.5 grs same bullet and rifle.  In addition 42.0 grains (target #4) was a decent group (circle) but my cheek weld was difficult to maintain in the wind.

The latest caliber or gear is no substitute for experience and skill.  Rifles and cartridges don't make hits-----shooters do.


Would be interested to see you run this again when its calm. Looks promising.


i agree with a 17mph wind, i think this load would shoot a lot better without the wind.


Thought I would bring this up from the archives for Hybrid 100V interested parties
The latest caliber or gear is no substitute for experience and skill.  Rifles and cartridges don't make hits-----shooters do.

Jeff Lundgren

This powder does look hopeful. Good shooting too!


i wounder what kinda temp. sensitivity it has ????