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Hello, new member from middle Tenn.

Started by chef50, May 11, 2022, 07:47:58 AM

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Warning Thread Drift...

Quote from: bikemutt on May 14, 2022, 08:28:03 PM100% on the M-CARBO springs. They are cheap enough, order extra. On the X-Bolt, I nibble one down until the trigger won't reliably reset, discard it and cut the next one just a tad taller. You may get to where you want to be without nibbling of course.

I tried the MCARBO springs on my X-Bolt, but wasn't really happy with them. Found a drop in Timney trigger replacement assembly which did require a bit of stock work to fit properly, but offered easier adjustment, at least for me.


I ordered a Timney for Ruger, I have the American version in a Magpul stock, and will be picking that up this coming Wednesday.


I forgot about the Timney's.  That is what I installed in several Ruger American Predator's before MCARBO hit the scene.  Now I install the spring for someone that wants to keep the bladed trigger or does not want to spend the money for a Timney.  All my Rugers, even two M77's wear Timneys.
If you have the shot, take it.


I'm beginning to think that the Sierra Matchking 142gr. HPBT may be the go-to bullet for all-round target shooting...any opinions??


It's an excellent bullet and readily available.

Used to shoot them into 1 small round hole in a 6.5 Creedmoor about 42.2 grains h4350 at .020" +/- off low 2800s

All guns can't shoot that load safely so as always work up to a safe load in your gun.


People always have had good things to say about the 142's. Havnt personally used them myself but you cant go wrong with a 140 eldm or berger hybrid either..