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147 ELDM in the Bergara B14 HMR

Started by mb571, January 15, 2022, 09:41:23 PM

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Hi Folks, most of thr threads I looked at were old enough to get the warning "consider starting a new thread".
I had a pet load for my 6.5 Bergara (22" barrel) with 140 ELDM's, 40.9gr of H4350, 2690 fps.  I still have some 140's but couldn't currently find some so thought I'd try the 147 ELDM that was in stock. I shot some to get sample speeds, and also had a buddy run it through quickloads.  I have been shooting a big jump as the Bergara chamber is long and magazine and floor plate short.
A C.O.L. of 2.855" is magazine max while 2.850" is the max to reliably come up through the floor plate without some notching with a dremel.  I measured jam lengths of three pills in the cupboard:
Bergara B14 HMR 22"    JAM C.O.L.    JAM Ogive    Bullet Length    Case Length    C.O.L.    Seat Depth    Jump
140 ELDM                        2.970                2.340                  1.380              1.910            2.850            0.440        0.120
147 ELDM                        3.000                2.362                 1.457               1.910            2.850          0.517        0.150
143 ELDX                        3.015                2.357                  1.435               1.910            2.850          0.495        0.165

With my pet load of 140's, 2.850", 40.9g H4350 I am shooting groups of 3, 310 yds,  between 0.75" and 1.5"
I am looking for tips while searching for my 147gr load. Does the jump of 0.150" concern anyone?
Tomorrow I may load up 3's of 40.8, 41.0, 41.2 (QL says is a node), 41.4, 41.6.
My previous outing showed a node around 40.4-40.6gr. It was 0 degrees celcius out.
Thanks for any tips chasing this one.


What velocity's are you getting with these loads? I'm running 41gns of RL16 with the 147eldm's @2490, @20k off the jam length off of my Savage, Tho I have not found the accuracy that I want yet due to the seating depth and time to get to the range because of my work schedule of 10hrs a day 7 days a week for the last 2yrs, But this rifle I have does show allot of promise in accuracy,