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Final Adjustments

Started by sportacus, September 19, 2021, 06:04:01 PM

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First chance to spill blood 8-11 October.  Wife bought me a management hunt at Mellon Creek in south Texas as anniversary gift. Buck 125-140, doe and a hog. Hope they recompense for my 2019 experience when wife and step daughter became movie stars on Wildlifers TV. I was with a new, inexperienced guide doing a management hunt. Moi, a  67 year old man that killed his first whitetail at 10 years of age.  What could possibly go wrong? It did not go well. He was lazy and risk averse.  They have scheduled me with the young man that has guided my wife to three  trophy mounts on the wall. He knows the deer, does the prep so it should not take long. If they green light me to kill more does or culls I will have to comply. Have been hunting with this crew since 2014.  Always a hoot.
Primary is my new 6.5 PRC from Alamo Precision.  1/4" rifle off rest and bag with Hornady ELD-X.  Need to drop 1/4" for a 200 yard zero.  Back up is my trusty 2015 Shot Show Browning X Bolt. 6.5 CM. Has been a hammer with Berger 140 Elite Hunter.  On a whim, tried 130 Berger VLD-H.  One ragged hole.  Left one click, down one click for a 200 yard zero.  Both are spanking clean from my last session.  Will make the adjustments, launch a few to confirm, and head to Texas.  Usually the first hunt of the year and come away spoiled.  LA and TN whitetails much safer after I get this out of my system.
If you have the shot, take it.