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Reloder TS 15s powder

Just read a report on Reloder TS 15s which looks promising for 6.5 Creedmoor.

Quote an extruded, double-base powder physically similar to Reloder 16. Its chemical composition includes a small percentage of nitroglycerin for extra energy and also a decoppering agent to minimize barrel fouling. The TS prefix stands for "temperature stable"...

What got me to put on my cheaters and read the accuracy chart more carefully is the performance of two loads in a rifle near and dear to my heart; a Browning X-bolt Target 28" barrel.

Speer 140 gr Gold Dot JSP over 37.5 gr powder managed 2638 fps with an average 100 yd 5-shot group size of 0.74".

Federal 140 gr Fusion JSP over 37.0 gr managed 2650 fps into 0.93".

Those speeds aren't great for that rifle but, the author did start on the low side owing to the newness of the powder.

Of course, none of this matters if the powder is unobtanium but, if it is available, having another alternative to the well-known staples can't be a bad thing :).  

Re: Reloder TS 15s powder

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Powder valley has been getting some in now and then but it goes quick.. i got 4 # of it a couple weeks ago to try in my dasher.. as far as in the 6.5 creedmoor it may be a really good powder with the 120 and 130 gr bullets.. may still be too fast a powder for the 140's though..