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Javelin Pro Hunt for Precision Shooting?

Hello everyone

I've been using a Harris HBRS 6-9" bipod for the last few years and it's served me well.  That being said, it's on the heavier and awkward side when it come to backcountry hunting.  I'm thinking of investing in a Javelin Pro Hunt bipod as I'm drawn to it's light weight and it's easily attachable/detachable capability. 

My question is this:  do you think my accuracy would take a hit using the Javelin vs the Harris?  Has anyone used both?  I'm slowly getting into precision shooting ("precise" is a strong word for what I do) and I'd love to not switch between the two but I realize there's not one bipod that will do it all.  I'm shooting on average 0.7 moa groups at 100yds (pending more load development) if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any input. 


Re: Javelin Pro Hunt for Precision Shooting?

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I'm not familiar with the javelin but I'd think it would be a matter of figuring out what it likes to get the best accuracy from it.