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Replace rail

Rifle:  Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor Go Wild Camo
Scope: ATN X-sight 4K

Using the supplied scope rings the scope height is 2.75 inches. I would like to replace the scope rings.
However, I would need a longer picatinny rail.  The rail that comes installed in 6 inches long (approx. 1 ½ inches past rear mounting screw.  I would like to increase the rear length by 1 -> 2 inches ( 7 to 8 inch length with the added increase at the rear.

Having problem using google to locate one, Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: Replace rail

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Have a Warne rail on my ruger American.  Only5 3/4 inches long.  Check EGW and Talley.  Maybe they make a longer rail.
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Re: Replace rail

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I've had good results with Ken Farrell's rails.  He will also do custom rails but have never needed one, so don't know what he would charge.  He has a number of 'extended' rails but I think they are longer on the front end and not the back.  Give him a call and see what he may have to offer.
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Re: Replace rail

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Thanks for the replies.  Seems I'm out of luck.  Custom made probably out of my price range.  Have ordered on from EGW - Only about 3/4 inch longer, May have to get creative - Right.


Re: Replace rail

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Im not sure i understand why you would need a longer rail to replace the scope rings... you mind explaining that..

Re: Replace rail

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The ATN x-sight scope sits too far forward unless I use the “L” shape rear ring.  The suppled rings are on the High side – Center of Bore- center of scope is 1.9 inches.  I bought some new rings (Mid height) which reduces the height to 1.4 Inches. Might be able to use Low rings to reduce to 1.2 Inches. But I need to move it back for proper eye relief, but using the last slot the rail is to short.

The High scope height is great for long range shooting as the Bullet first crosses zero at about 62 yards for 140 gr, 2400 ft/Sec.  For 120 grain 2850 ft/Sec the first grossing point is 70+ yards.  Where I deer hunt my typical range is 40-> 50 yard with a Max of about 100 Yards.

I bought a EGW rail (0 MOA) and reversed the front/back installation and that worked – Would still prefer a 1 inch longer (At the back).