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Nightforce 7-35 rings question

Hello there, Firstly thanks for the help in advance!
Ok what I have is a Tikka T3x TAC 6.5 creedmoor that has only known the back of my gun safe in Texas, so sad.  I was so wrapped up in a great scope that I bought a Nightforce 7-35X56 TreMor 3 reticle.  I have not put 1 bullet down range yet because I was waiting (saving / researching) for a sight system.  I wanted to buy once and cry hopefully only once...we shall see.  HAHAHA   I have cleaned my Tikka, pawed her, hugged her but nothing else yet.  Well no buyers remorse yet but the credit card bill has not come in for the scope yet.  Well my philosophy of use is, I plan on precision shooting competitions but I have not competed in one yet.  I am not sure what rings I should buy... Yea those little things...  So I welcome what I should buy and why or what you have done.  I am sure I will dive into this site now that I know it exists.  Sorry if this question has been fielded again and again...  I know I have opened a big can of worms that will lead to all sorts of equipment that I will drive my wife nuts but I guess I will just buy her another over priced purse(s).  Last thought, do I need the elevated base of a Spuhr or should I stick with no elevation added base and just get  Nightforce rings with a level on it??  Yea I just stepped off in one big HOLE....AAAAAGGGGG

Re: Nightforce 7-35 rings question

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I agree with the above post. Great rifle, great scope.
You cried once and bought once. A lot of people will spend
twice that before they get to where you are now.
Put the 20 MOA rail on and it will be there for the life
of the rifle. The NF rings are just the icing on your cake.

Re: Nightforce 7-35 rings question

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Anything else is a wedding ring made of plastic.