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Rcbs Podwer Thrower

Good evening everyone,

I have decided to start making pistol ammo on my Redding T7, has anyone mounted their powder thrower on the press? I'm hearing mixed feelings about this.

If I'm not reloading, hunting or shooting I'm not happy!

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THANKS ………..
If I'm not reloading, hunting or shooting I'm not happy!

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Snipe i have no experience with the rcbs thrower.. lee makes a thrower that uses disc to measure the powder that goes on a powder through die that works good for pistol rounds.. sorry you havnt got any feedback on this..

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I don't think your question was really "had anyone done this", read more like "is this volume thing going to be safe".

If that's your question, then absolutely. That particular thrower I'm not familiar with, but as far as the principal goes...
Pistol people tend to have a propensity on progressive set-up, to throw a double charge. That's bad, if they would any like rifle people and not do that; all will be well. ;)

Gunpowder is only loaded by weight, by the handloader. The rest of the galaxy loads by volume, despite any BS marketing to the contrary (looking at you Nosler).
Load away,

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I have had a number of progressives for pistol ammo.  Currently have 2 Hornadys, but have had Dillon 1050 and 650.  The best way to load pistol without a progressive is ( in my opinion) is with a Redding Model 3 with the pistol metering chamber and stand.

I put 50 primed and expanded pistol cases in a tray and fill each with powder.  Then visually inspect all the cases for powder while in the tray.  I usually throw 10 charges in the scale pan to weigh.  If charge is 5 grains I adjust the thrower for 50 grains with the 10 charges.

The Model 3 is better than the RCBS.


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