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Hornady 147GR ELD-M Load Data

Hi Guys,
I've been out of the reloading game for about a year, and can't find my load data for 147gr eld-m's using H4350.
I'm running a 26" HH Custom with a 1:7.5 Twist....but am also going to be re-barreling my TL-3 with a Proof CF at 24" with a 1:8, so any of your guides are greatly appreciated

Re: Hornady 147GR ELD-M Load Data

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I have found over several rifles and even more friend's rifles that there is a very good accuracy node for the 147s between 2685 and 2750 FPS.  Some barrels are slow and some are fast, and, as such, I'd say that depending on your barrel's speed you'll find that node between about 40.0 grains of H4350 and 42.5 or so grains of the same.  There is a faster node though it hides in a narrower window close to 2800 FPS.

Good luck!