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Latest projects

Here are a few projects I've managed to devote a little time to.

First pic is a Savage Flat back long action I helped my son put together.

It's a 26" .300 win mag Criterion threaded with a 4 Gill little bastard brake in a Oryx chassis. The action was a .308 originally so we got a new bolt head, baffle and firing pin assembly then I had Grimstod on AS bush the bolt head, true the bolt head and install one of his lift kits in it.

Turned out nice hope to be breaking it in over the holidays.

Next two pics are the mag well block and the Choate Tactical stock I'm setting up for the 3 screw target magnum .338 I'll bed the block into the stock then bed the action into the stock.

4th pic is a Savage Stealth large shank factory blueprinted action with a Criterion 6.5x47 L barrel that I put into an HS precision stock I picked up a while ago.

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Looks like someone has a lot of shooting to do during the holidays.

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We'll my son finally got the urge to shoot the .300 win mag this evening after work. Same old Criterion story, hardly caught any copper, shot 3 and cleaned 3× then went to shooting it.

Shots 4, 5 & 6 were all but touching and after we got a good zero he was a little low at 600 then made a correction and 5 consecutive hits, moved out to 734 and whacked the bear a couple times then was a little low at 1000 followed up by 4 or 5 consecutive hits. He was shooting HMS 180g soft point ammo that was on sale for $20 a box back when we put the gun together.

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Hows he like his orxy chassis?


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He likes it. After i folded up the bipod and shot it off the bags i liked it too. Those 180s were running 2960 pretty steady. Good ammo especially for the price he paid for it.
PPU brass, I've heard it's very good brass. Wish he'd bought more of it when it was on sale.