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Cabelas did what was promised, that's good

I got an offer on Friday from Cabelas for free 2nd day shipping on qualified items, one day only. I read the fine print and determined the handgun ammo I needed was included. And I had a gift card to burn.

I ordered online even though I'd pay sales tax since the savings driving to the OR store is just not worth the drive. I get to the end on the website, enter the free 2-day shipping promo code and am told the order will be shipped free, standard shipping, estimated delivery 12/24.  I punched through anyway figuring I can buy ammo at the range on the pre-Christmas shoot I promised my wife.

At this point I'm glad I saved a couple bucks, not happy about being led to believe an offer that was made, and then pulled at the last minute. But, I've ridden in this rodeo before. Dust off, get back on the horse.

Well, yesterday, Saturday, the 9mm ammo is delivered UPS (never see those guys on a Saturday around here). I figured they at least got it half-right (that's not actually what I said, but half is still in my utterance  ;) ).

It's Sunday now, watching the Seahawks game and a FedEx Express truck shows up with the rest of the ammo.

So, Cabelas did what they promised.


Re: Cabelas did what was promised, that's good

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Gonna ban my Dad from calling in orders to Cabela's.

Last order was going to be a couple camo Quake rifle slings.  Checked online and says out of stock, but backorderable.  They tell him that they are discontinued and talk him into two black slings instead.  I just completed a backorder for two of the camo slings last night after he got his delivery of the black ones that are being returned.

Order before that was for Butler Creek Blizzard scope covers that I had given him the correct sizes to fit his new scope.  He was told that they were sold out of the objective cover and talked him into the next size up instead of putting the correct one on backorder.  The next size up did not fit as I expected.

I believe that there must be some out of work used car salesmen that have now been employed by Cabela's to take phone orders!!

Re: Cabelas did what was promised, that's good

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Forgot to post my followup -

Camo slings were delivered before Dad could even get the black ones shipped back!