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Minnesota opener

Got lucky this morning at 9:50, without the help of my boys got this buck out to the truck by 2:05...
Of coarse I struggled to get it loaded up. Pretty much a hefty burger!  Guessing 175-200 dressed.
I will weigh all the meat, parts & scraps to get an idea.

130 Berger pencil hole in blew off bottom of heart and disintegrated the lungs.  Only a 70 yard shot but he ran down the hill (wrong way, naturally) another 50-60 yards into the tag alder swamp

Not as long as last years drag but just as hard.
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Re: Minnesota opener

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Nice job!
 I have a 12v battery and a cheap winch in the box of my truck. Its chained to the inside of the box loops, and I can winch the deer up some boards. 

Re: Minnesota opener

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Nice buck! Hope to do as well or better in about 10 days.

Re: Minnesota opener

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that's the same pill I have loaded for next weekend... hope I get a chance to use it... nice buck randy... I feel for ya having to get it out by yourself

Re: Minnesota opener

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Awesome buck!  Hoping to let some Bergers fly in Texas Panhandle exactly a month from now.
If you have the shot, take it.

Re: Minnesota opener

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Thanks all for the kind words.

Had different performance at different times with Bergers in the past. 25-06 penciled through on a couple of occasons....6.5 Bob blew up inside with no exit and blood trail...went about 100 yards. Dropped a couple with no exit but massive meat damage....
This one worked like I hoped, he left a great blood trail even though I saw him crash and the brush was waving as he death kicked.

I read a while back to make sure the hollow point is open...checked all with a  "hat pin"...all the past meplats looked ragged & uneven.  I think Berger stepped up their quality game.

Below zero wind chill here today (-4F) it froze him up pretty good here last night after I skinned the hinds in the garage thawing out...

Looking forward to Wisconsin in about two weeks.

Good luck to all as your fall hunts progress.
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Re: Minnesota opener

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I think you're correct about the points being open they may have been trying a little too hard to make them a MATCH hunting bullet.

The deer looks fat, should eat well.