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Not with a Creedmoor but close.

My oldest son Jim is in CO with 4 other guys.  He sent this picture.  The rifle is my grandsons Savage that I put the 260 barrel on a couple of months ago.
Jim said 399 yards dropped like a rock in his texts.
See a little blood in its nose so he must have made a good hit!   My grandson Colby shot a buck with it 2 years ago as a 257 Bob A.I.....but then he fell on his back dragging out the buck and actually bent the Mueller APP scope and it was out of commission last deer season.  The 260 barrel swap was because none of the grandkids are showing much interest in handloading.  The scope now is a cheap weaver Kaspa 3-12.  Looks like it did the trick.
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Re: Not with a Creedmoor but close.

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nice buck...looks like the rifle and shooter did just fine...