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My New 6.5CM tOY bUILD.

I just finished my latest 6.5CM build and it's a winner.  After spending much time contemplating the choice of 6.5 CM or 6.5 PRC, 6.5 CM won.  I had a spare Savage Mod 10 receiver with det mag bottom metal.  The tipping point was the 6.5 PRC COAL It was just a little too long for my mags.  I see that Savage has a new 6.5 PRC series built on the M110 receiver.  Oh well, I just found a cheap 270 Roberts M110 for a donor for a 6.5 PRC.
The new 6.5 CM is settling down and I think it will be a shooter.  It is a mod 10 Savage receiver, Boyd's pro varmint stock, Criterion 26" ss varmint barrel, Hawkeye cheek rest and SWFA 16X42 MOA scope.  I installed steel pillow posts and glass bedded it.  The trigger is stock accutrigger for now.  First 5 shot groups at 100 yds were .878", .695", .589", and .468" in sequence.   Since this looked good for a start, I ran a tree and found that it liked 140 OTM, 41.5 gn H4350, cci 200 and .020" jump.
In the past, the only SS barrels I have had were hunting rifles so this is my first on a heavy barreled rifle.  It seems that the barrel heats up faster and stays hot longer than my other chrome moly 6.5 CM barrels.  Is this just my imagination?  In the past week the temp here has gone from a high in the 90s to a low this morning of 36.  I have loaded 50 rounds to continue the break in at the range this morning.  Can't wait to see what happens as it settles in more.

Re: My New 6.5CM tOY bUILD.

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YES!! Have been Jonesing for a 6.5 PRC for a while.  Was hot to trot to trade a NIB X Bolt Pro in Creedmoor for the same rifle in PRC.  Until, the Browning comes with 1:7 twist.  I waved off.  Talked to a custom guy in Texas.  Told me if I had a bolt gun in WSM, he could rebarrel, tune it up to .5 MOA guaranteed and set me free.  Probably will hold out till Shot Show 2020 and see what Savage and Ruger debut, especially for lefties.  If it does not happen, my left hand, 7WSM, 70 Featherweight is Texas bound.  I can live on beans, rice and Bambi burger for years.i
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