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I’ve been bitten by the 6.5 bug.

I recently bought a 6.5 cm Thompson Center Compass.. I put a Nikon Buckmasters Scope on it and good gosh it will shoot under a inch groups at 100 yards and in the bullseye at 200 no problem .  What is the cheapest ammo ya’ll have found for target practice ?  Also what’s  smallest grain and biggest grain  factory ammo  available?

Re: I’ve been bitten by the 6.5 bug.

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A couple companies put out 90g and 95g factory loaded ammo for varmints
And at the high end S&b have a 156g  but Hornady at 147g is the highest regularly
loaded factory ammo.
I've seen S&B (Sellier & Bellot ) for as low as $11.00 a box of 20