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New gun, a few questions

Hello everyone! New to the forums and just got my first 6.5 creedmoor. It's actually my first rifle in general. Grew up shooting shot guns and plinking with 22s and such. Anywho, it's a jp Sauer 100 classic. I've only shot Hornady eldx bullets through it so far but was wondering if those are a bit much as I'll be shooting pretty much only whitetail with it. I was looking at the Hornady American whitetail and was wondering if anyone has experience with them? I'd say where I am in NY, the longest shot I'd probably be able to take is around 400 yards if conditions are good but normal would be 300 or less id say.

Re: New gun, a few questions

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Nice rifle and welcome aboard.

The 143 ELD Xs are all I've shot on big game since they came out. I'm completely happy with their performance on 3 deer 2 antelope a few coyote and a porcupine. I'm not looking for anything different. They hit hard and if the animal is not DRTthere a blood trail a blind man could follow.

I think one antelope was 400 yards and the other 325, the 3 deer were 100 - 150 yard shots.

I have no experience with the American whitetail round.

Re: New gun, a few questions

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Thanks for the reply. I was reading some people say they had some issues on shorter range with them that's why I was curious. I plan on reloading and ingot 100eldx projectiles and I ordered the Hornady dies and will get the 129gr that they American whitetail uses so eventually I'll be able to test them out. Lol

Re: New gun, a few questions

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Welcome JimJam!

I do like the looks of that rifle. I don’t think you will have any problem with the 143 ELDX opening up for you. You will get more velocity from the 129s. If I had to chose between the two I would go with the 143. Glad to see you are going to do some reloading. You will have an opportunity to experiment a little and pick what works best. The member reloading knowledge on this forum is top notch. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice along the way.