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Archimedes Long Action

ARC had a couple of recalls for the LA. One was the bolt/body and picatinny rail.  The bolt's been fixed, one day turn-around for the fix. Total 6 days including weekends to ship back to me.
Rail fix...ARC will send a new rail. This will be for a 300 PRC.  Barrel should be arriving within 2-3 weeks.

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Looks very nice, I hope your barrel gets to you timely so you can start wringing it out. I'm going to have to jack my Smith up about my .300 PRC barrel one of these days LOL, we're both shooting the 600 yard Nationals in MN weekend after this coming. He's got two businesses a family and a life so I don't pressure him very often.

Then there's the matter of the .338 Lapua Magnum sitting at the LGS I need to go get in the next couple days.

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@HufD63 I've finally received all the parts to start the assembly...however there were a few recalls with the Archimedes.  It's now back at ARC.  Functionally it is fine.  the last piece, is the 30moa rail.  waiting for the fix on that.  I was gonna use the rig to try out our NorCal URSA match in 2 weeks, but don't think it'll get shipped back in time.

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I was able to finish the build and zeroed it this weekend.  Although I'm a bit of a was cold and windy, didnt get to shoot much this past Saturday.

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Some more pics.  Archimedes 309PRC at the bottom.  Terminus Zeus short action (currently with magnum bolt and 22" "MTU" 6.5PRC bbl) on the tripod.

And photo of the range.  92M zero (paper), 200M popper, 555M popper, 705M silhouette and 8" square, 992M silhouette and 12" circle.

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Where is the range? Rifle looks amazing!

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Thanks @gman47564 and @HufD63 !

1st of all, i totally forgot i had a sock on the muzzle of the rifle for the photo  :D .  My Cat rubs her face on everything i have.  Don't want all the CLP oil and carbon to get on her face.  She's trying to mark her territory.

The Range, if you're in CA you'll know where it is.  Panoche Hills BLM.  The 2 poppers in the photo are for pistol shooting.  The rifle targets are quite difficult to spot, especially @ 992M.  If you find the white "Dots/square/circles) on the photos those are the targets.

Edit: nmind the picture quality is too low LOL.  cannot spot the 555M  targets and beyond.

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Ran some tests on RCC brass over the weekend. Only loaded up 20 cases.

10 Cases with GM215M Primers
10 Cases with BR2 Primers
74-76.7gr in 0.3gr increment
Barrel: 25" M24

Total number of shots   10
Units velocity   fps
Units distances   m
Units kinetic energy   ft-lbf
Units weight   grain (gr)
Stats - Average   2800.69
Stats - Highest   2860.56
Stats - Lowest   2730.78
Stats - Ext. Spread   129.79
Stats - Std. Dev   41.76
Shot ID   V0
1   2762
2   2731
3   2764
4   2769
5   2819
6   2820
7   2812
8   2823
9   2861
10   2846

Total number of shots   8
Units velocity   fps
Units distances   m
Units kinetic energy   ft-lbf
Units weight   grain (gr)
Stats - Average   2778.99
Stats - Highest   2846.79
Stats - Lowest   2711.77
Stats - Ext. Spread   135.02
Stats - Std. Dev   51.19
Shot ID   V0
1   2726
2   2712
3   2739
4   2767
5   2788
6   2818
7   2835
8   2847
**LabRadar didn't pickup the last 2 shots. Probably too much muzzle blast from the brake. Will need to move LR a little more forward of the muzzle/brake.