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Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

Hi all, first post here  8)  going to pick up my X Bolt 6.5CM right now and need advice for starting load with H4350 or IMR 4350. I have been shooting my Savage 12LRP in 260 Remington and have a ton of bullets from 130-143g. I got two boxes of 156's from Grafs when they came off BO, and the X Bolt will be my carry rifle for deer season, so I will start by loading those for the new 6.5CM. I am thinking of starting at 39g and loading 3 each at ).3gr steps to look for pressure and velocity. Will start at 0.015 off the lands, new Starline SRP brass with CCI 450 primers. Rifle is a Desert McMillan, 26" 1:7, and will wear a NF NXS 5.5-22 x 56 in Seekins rings.

Is 39 grains good/Low/High for a starting point? Any suggestions welcomed. I'm a seasoned 67 year old loader, been loading since 1978, and cautious, but willing to extract the Most/Best from every gun. This is the first combo I have tried before I could rely on published data.


Re: Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

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Tagging in. I'm running the 140 EH now with great results but I'm always intrigued with running heavy for caliber bullets.

Re: Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

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I think your plan is solid craig.. welcome to the forum..

Re: Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

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Craig, if you've shot and loaded for years, then you know the barrel will
speed up and that will change what you need for a powder charge.
What some will do is run the "break-in" for 20-30 rounds, then start low
like at your 39g and try to find a good hunting load early.  Then if and
when the barrel speeds up a little, just reduce the powder charge by a
.1 until it brings it back to the group size your happy with.
Some factory rifles will change in as little as every 10 shots, till barrel settles down.
It all depends on what accuracy your looking for.  It might shoot 1 inch groups
from start to finish and how often your going to shoot it.
By the way, you have a really nice "hunting" rifle setup...

Re: Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

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Thanks Ranger! It looks pretty nice with that scope on it now. I've kinda' thought things through and I'll start with tried and true 140 loads and get it dialed in with those - I've got close to a thousand of those to work with. It is actually a used rifle, but looks like new, and no signs of wear on the lugs and mating surfaces. I'll throw together a hundred rounds of 140's at 40g-42g working up in 0.3gs

Got a good morning to test it out tomorrow, with 5-7mph wind and <80 degrees for the first four hours of daylight. We have a great range here with 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, and 700 meter berms and metal plates. I also have a post to hang one at 930 yards....

back to the bench!


Re: Load data for Berger 156 Elite bullet?

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So, working up and started too low! Only loaded a few of the 156g Elite Hunters, and the 4 I loaded at 40.0 went into a 100yd 0.35 ctc group. Velocity was only 2553fps average, so that won't be the long range hunting load. Worked my way up to 41.2 and got to 2660fps, but never saw the same accuracy - then I discovered the muzzle brake was unscrewed two turns, after I discovered the pic-rail for the bipod was loose earlier. Time to disassemble and blueprint!

BTW  The Berger 140 hybrid shot a respectable 0.63 ctc 5 shot group, but it was also at a low node @ 2720 fps.