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New Muzzle Brake - Slower Velocity

Hello all!  Yup so I bought the APA Little Bastard Gen 3.  Using same loads from the same batch I came up 19 FPS less in muzzle velocity. The Gen 2 is a 3 port (each side) brake and the Gen 3 is 4 port.  Trying to make sense of this but got nothing. :)


Re: New Muzzle Brake - Slower Velocity

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There's a YouTube video out there showing 20 fps differences just from the way a rifle is shouldered. Not that I'm proud about it but seeing 20 fps ES is not uncommon. I know that doesn't answer your question :(


Re: New Muzzle Brake - Slower Velocity

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I would assume you would want to adjust the load a bit to see if the harmonics changed with the added weight and length.  I had seen the release of that, but have not yet seen one.  How does it compare to the gen 2 in recoil and muzzle rise?