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My 6.5 PRC build

All done! I cant believe this build is faster than my PVA BA. Still waiting for that BA 🤔

-Nucleus Short Action
-30MOA Rail
-6.5 PRC 22" Heavy Palma
-3-18x50mm Razor Gen2 EBR-7C
-ARC low rings
-KRG Whiskey 3 folder
-Atlas CAL
-FlatLine Rail bubble level (barely fit)
-Huber 2Stage
***I used 2 washers for front action screw and 1 washer for the rear.

I haven't shot it yet.  Gonna load some 147 ELD-M with either H1K or RL26. 127 LRX with RL23 for this weekend.

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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dd what was the reason for the washers ?  nice rig there..

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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Thanks Gman.  Instructions for the Whiskey 3 Chassis says to use 2 washers for the front action screws on Remington 700 actions.  that said, this is a Nucleus with a 700-footprint.  Another poster on another forum mentioned, without using washers, this person could not turn the bolt and lock the breech.  Probably the action screw is too long and interfering with the bolt lugs.

I've tried to ask KRG about the washers and have not gotten a reply.  Sounds like most folks will just shave/shorten the screw.  I have no tool to do that.

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dd how is this rig shooting... you like the prc...

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Good lookin rig DDR!

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@jvw2008 thanks!

@gman47564 this is my first Pre-Fit bbl and custom action so i dont have much experience.  Barrel seems to be accurate, even more so with 127LRX compared to 147ELDM.

I'm really diggin' the 6.5PRC but haven't had a chance to take it past 400 meters.  I may load up 5 rnds (127LRX) for this weekend's hunt.

1st photo is 2 5-shot groups - 127 LRX, ADG, BR2, RL23, 53.5gr and 54gr - ~3030fps

2nd photo is 3 5-shot groups - 147 ELDM, ADG, BR2, RL26, 55.25, 55.50 and 55.75gr - 2930fps, 2950fps and 2970fps respectively.

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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Like your rig.  Saw my first 6.5 PRC this weekend.  What a screamer.  What size bolt face does it take and what is the recoil?  The one at my range was an AR.

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@ALL THE WAY Thanks much! 

6.5 PRC takes a Magnum Bolt ~0.532.  That's impressive that whoever is shooting this cartridge out of an AR10 platform.  I've heard of 300WM on AR platforms.  SAAMI spec has COAL longer than a AR10 can handle, magazines too.

The person was possibly shooting 120gr bullets?  or 140gr, but that would have to be loaded deep in to the case.  And unless it had a really long bbl, i don't think it'll get much velocity out of an AR. 

Curious what velocities you saw?

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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Care to share your thought process for the 30moa rail? Is that what you get with the nucleus? Not being critical, just curious.

My latest build is a SAUM so I'm right there with you in these 6.5 magnums. They're a whole lotta fun.

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DD:  I considered the 6.5PRC on my new build, but hadn't considered the case length and mags and short action.  Thanks for the heads up.

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@SwampDog_13  i bought the action from ARC and ordered a 30moa rail with it.  My barreled action Nucleus (also 6.5 PRC) came with a 20moa. I agree the 6.5PRC is real fun to shoot. Recoil only slightly more than 6.5CM. And it should reach out to 1mile easily

@ALL THE WAY  Short Action bolt actions should be fine.  If you're gonna use internal box mag with a bone stock 700 receiver, you'll need a Wyatts box for length (I dont have a full understanding of the internal box mag so pls do your due diligence).  Not sure if anything needs to be modified on the receiver itself.

Most custom Short Actions should work.  Use 300WSM AICS style mags...i use Accurate-Mag.

I'm currently waiting on a 300PRC bbl to mate with the new Archimedes Long Action.

Also got another build in the works with a Terminus Zeus action.  This will also be 6.5PRC with switch-barrel setup.  The Zeus is an updated Curtis Vector.

My Bad was this suppose to be in the Gunsmith forum?  if so, Mods pls move thread.  thanks!

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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By the way, I just saw a notice that Savage ha put out a series of 6.5 PRC models built on the M110 action.

Re: My 6.5 PRC build

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Is the M110 their Long Action?

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Looks like a bug hole shooter.  Love the stock but love that Nucleus action even more. Best action ever, IMHO.

My 6.5 PRC "build" is a Browning X-Bolt Pro (24" barrel)

With 5 shots I can get 7/8" groups at 200 yards.  But after 5 shots the skinny, fluted barrel heats up and groups open up to 1.5 " max. Still "minute of deer".
SCOPE: Bushnell ELITE LRTS 4.5 - 18 x 44 W/ illuminated G3 small "Xmas tree" reticle. Lovin' that scope.

Eric B.
"I can stop buying guns and gun stuff anytime I want - I've done it hundreds of times."

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@Litehiker I ran into the same problem with heat but that was with my Seekins Havak Bravo (6.5 PRC).  I was doing 2X5 shot strings. 5 shots then waited ~10-15min minutes then another 5 shots.  The problem with my Havak was usually on the 4th or 5th shot would be a flyer.  Sometimes on the 1st shot then the next 4 would group nicely.

Its funny the 6.5 PRC started as a "PRS" style cartridge, but the thing is magnum and just runs too hot for those 10+ shot strings.  Perhaps one of the reasons most are switching to 6mm (also for less recoil).  RL26 runs really hot and heats up the barrel.  With RL23 grouping was better and barrel was not as hot.  Same with H1000, a little cooler than RL26.  Most of the flyers i had was with RL26.  All that said, i'll have to shoot some more to find out if this is the case.

The barrel i'm using with the above build, the chamber is much tighter and nicer.  Using same charges i'm not getting pressure signs.  I have also slowed down the rate of fire with this bbl.