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Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

Just watched a few Youtube videos on Hornady's new 153 gr. A-Tip (as in Aluminum-Tip).

"Supposably" (as Joey on Friends sez) this new bullet is sequentially packaged right off the line  (no cartridges for a while) in lots of 100 and YOU must clean the processing oil off of them yourself.

Anyway one private video shows the shooter being very happy with the A-Tip 1,000 yard performance. Perhaps the ability to move the center of balance further back does help with better stability beyond 800 to 900 yards as they claim.

So in August when I'm back in-country I'll try100 in my RPR and see what happens. Our newest steel target are at 1,098 yards!  8)

Eric B.
P.S. I've begun to realize I will "have" to reload for my new 6.5 PRC Browning X-Bolt Pro rifle too.
Yeah, I know, it's hard to tell if I'm braggin' or complaining.
"I can stop buying guns and gun stuff anytime I want - I've done it hundreds of times."

Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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The realization that you have to reload for each of your different rifle's/cartridges is part of the evolution of becoming a better shooter and expecting more from yourself and equipment.
Or it could just be the addiction that is picked up hanging around this forum.

Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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It is pretty's an addiction  :o

Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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just dont ever let the wife know that the cheapest part about buying a new rifle is buying the rifle itself. glass is always at least 1.5x what the rifle cost. and initial loading costs are basically what the rifle cost as well. unless you are buying multiple guns in the same caliber. which none of us would ever do.....

Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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I worked in manufacturing for over 40 years.  Some products achieve higher levels of consistency (quality) if they are sequential.   Bullets are one of those products.  I will now be able to brag and complain about cleaning the oil off my bullets to improve accuracy.  To one up you guys I might have to recycle the oil.
See you at the range.

Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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You may want to leave the oil on just prior to loading and
sending to the berm. Aluminum and copper have never
been known to sleep well together. I thought about this
early on, for long term storage. Any corrosion, especially
internal at the tip, won't be a good thing for accuracy.

Just thinking out loud again.....
Keeping my bad Kharma intact since 1952


Re: Hornady's newest flavor of Kool-Aid -> A-Tip

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If Berger quits making 6.5mm 140 gr. Hybrids I might consider trying the new Hornady's.