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Re: Prime ammo in trouble

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For those lurking, Prime has set up a page to help support their legal fund. The have pulled all the documents and interviews into that same page, as well as an FAQ relating to their defense fund which makes it easier to learn more, if you're so inclined.

I'm not saying they're in the right or wrong but I won't be donating to their legal fund. This is business not a life or death medical procedure someone can't afford.

Re: Prime ammo in trouble

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Prime has a link for donations to help with their legal fees

I donated a lil bit

OOPs, Huf already put the link :D

@ Regnar, initial reading of the court docs (obviously i'm not a lawyer) i tried best to understand those big words LOL.  After listening to the podcast, i donated a lil bit.

Also, got a call from Jim of Prime ammo to thank you for the donations.  That's great to have a CEO to actually call personally.


Re: Prime ammo in trouble

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I read a little of the various posts, on a few other sites.
Sad that when something like this goes down ,the drama
queens come out of the wood work. My advice would be
to keep your money in your pocket and let it bleed out in
the courts, and not internet forums.