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Need some shot analysis on a box test please

Hi All,

I need some analysis here.  I'm setting up a new rifle.  It's a Ruger Precision chambered in 6.5 with a Burris XTR II 5-25x50.  I usually zero rifles at 25yds using my home range.  When I did so with this one, I found that the parallax is only labeled down to 50yds and when bottomed out is no where near parallax correction at 25yds.  So keep that in mind.  I proceeded  to zero the rifle with a blurry image.  Just tried to achieve the most repeatable sight picture that I could on the bench.  After 6-8 shots I was putting them in the same holes or really close so I called it good for now.  I then reset the zero stop & windage turret.  I then proceeded to run a box test (see the attached image).  I'm a little confused by the results.  the windage seems to be doing as it should.  But the elevation seems weird.  The further I dialed up, the more exagerated the corrections seem to be.  Adding 6 minutes of elevation seemed to add an extra 1.5, Adding 18 minutes seemed to add an extra 3, And adding 30 minutes seemed to add an extra 4ish.  My question is, could this be some parallax phenomenon that I'm not aware of?  Does this scope have issues?  I did this test exactly the same 3 times with almost identical results.  If anyone needs any more info plus feel free to ask.


Re: Need some shot analysis on a box test please

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I can't read your notes on the target. Not enough contrast for my eyes. Was this box test at 25 yards? I never have any luck doing any zeroing or testing at 25 yards. The scopes never respond vertically like I think they should so I do all my zeroing at 100 yards and test tracking anywhere from 100 on out.

I'm betting someone will have an explanation before long.

Re: Need some shot analysis on a box test please

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Thanks for the reply Huf-

I've attached a copy that is easier to read.  Yea, I tend to like to]he 25yd zero for some setups for the trajectory.  But I've always been able to box a scope at 25yds with reasonable success.  I also boxed a Ruger Precision Rimfire Magnum (in 17HMR) today too.  It has a Bushnell Engage 2.5-10x40.  The only difference here is that the Burris scope will not even get close on the parallax at such a close distance.  Maybe someone has run into something similar here.

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That target looks fine to me.  The notation on MOA scopes that says 1 click = 1/4" at 100 yds, is normally a simplification.  1 MOA is actually slightly more than 1" and 100 yds, and so 1 click is a bit more than you think.  30 MOA at 25 yds should be 7.85", and that's just about what you have there.

Re: Need some shot analysis on a box test please

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That checks out alright.  With the 6.5 mm Creedmoor at 100 yards you'll get it all.  I bet you like the glass and was wondering which reticle have?
See you at the range.

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Thanks guys,  that does make sense.  I think I need to get it out to a longer range.  I'm dying to do so but lack of time with my job is keeping me from it.  Maybe this weekend.

@lathoto - I do like the scope & I have the SCR MOA reticle.  I chose it over the MIL setup because my brain just works better in minutes.  I really like the turret feel & the somewhat simplified reticle.  The only drawback so far was having to pay through the nose for a set of 34mm rings.  I can comment on it's capabilities after our trip this spring to a 1000yd range in VA.  I've heard rumors that there may be an opportunity to take it out to a mile there too.


Re: Need some shot analysis on a box test please

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@Send It  - 34mm rings LOL, let's keep that one mile shot on our bucket lists. 
See you at the range.