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Savage actions

I Have been in the accurate rife thing for a long time but I need to catch up on Savage actions.I have acquired a 12FV and need pros and con and dates on these variations or where to look.Thanks

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Here's one source:

There's a ton of info there, but the place is large, so ya might want to pack a lunch.  Try the FAQ's, articles, and stickies at the top of each sub forum.

Re: Savage actions

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It's a very good action. A great foundation for a build.

James @ NSS can get you set up with a barrel, nut & lug.

Stocks are fairly plentiful from Choate, Boyd's and others.


Re: Savage actions

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Single shot floor plates can be had for the action if serious long range, benchrest or F Class are of interest. If so an early dual port 3 hole target stock is a " bolt on " leaving the middle screw out of course.

A lot of them don't  need it but a bolt lift kit and a little polishing smooth them up very nice. Rifle Basis Sav 2 trigger will get down to ounces of pull weight if you don't like the Accutrigger.

Unlimited possibilities with almost instant gratification for a DIY guy.

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I'm using a Savage 12 precision action with left port.
And another sitting on the shelf for the next build.
They are extremely capable actions. If weight is a
concern, these actions weigh a bit more then others.
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