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RL16 Berger 135gr CHB

Had a good day to shoot and work with Chronograph.

Loading RL16 and H414 with 135gr Berger CHB: Remington 700 factory 22" barrel Timeny trigger 1.3

Hornady Brass Trimmed  Fed 210M, I found some.  35-55 degrees, start early.

RL16 43.5  2790fps SD 2.810

H414 43.5 2710fps  SD2.825

H414 45.0 95grVmax 2962fps SD2.670

All loads under 3/8.

Shot some Hornday 140gr BTHP factory 2555fps also shot good.

Remington 700 6.5CRM Vortex Viper 6-20x44


Re: RL16 Berger 135gr CHB

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Every day you can get out and shoot a little is a GOOD day. 😊