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Alpha brass

I just received my box of 22 creed SRP brass.  I know just weighing it
doesn't show all, but shows how well their tolerances are per piece.
Box of 100  94% were within .3 gr

55= 161.0
18= 160.9
11=  161.1
10= 160.8
3=  160.7
3=  161.2

I have bought a box of the 6 creed LRP brass and had to clean up the
primer pockets. They have cleaned this problem up, all were squared up.
This is way better than the Lapua's brass

Re: Alpha brass

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The 100 pieces of .260 brass from them, I used for forming my
.257 wild cat, impressed me. Of all the brass I have worked with,
these particular batch was the softest.
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Re: Alpha brass

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Loving my 22 Creedmoor, Waiting on their next batch of 22 Creedmoor Brass to give it a shot been using Lapua 6 creed and necking it down. Thanks for sharing your experience.... Looks hopeful.

Re: Alpha brass

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I'll pile on this thread with a little more data since I promised some additional review since moving to Alpha brass.  I did some actual measurements of neck thickness variation over a couple of beers to get used to using my new tube micrometer.  For a variety of reasons I'm reconsidering neck turning, but its very clear that unless you're going to use a nice turning setup, Alpha brass necks are already pretty damn consistent.  Not a single piece of brass I measured had more variance of 1 thou.

Its over 2x better than even the weight sorted hornady I've used previously.