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DIY Headspace Case Gauge

I bought the set above from hornady after I had came up with using a spent 9mm case. I have been using the case just fine but figured since I was gander and they had the set on clearance I would get it. I came home today and checked and I got the same measurement using a spend 9mm case over a 6.5 creedmoor case. I will be reloading for other calibers later so the set was a good buy but however those people wanted to check the head space on a 6.5 creedmoor case new, fired and resized could do so with a spent 9mm case which is free at any range! it just so happens I switched from a 40 to a 9mm some time ago so I had plenty of spent cases. I'm betting you could do this with other calibers with the same 9mm or a 40 cal etc case but since after tax gander had the set for less than midwayusa and I wanted to see if it was the same.  I got a paper weight right now since the 9mm case is actually faster and easier to use oh well another tool in the box right.

Re: DIY Headspace Case Gauge

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I use a 1/2" inch deep well socket with a little rolled up note paper in the socket to take up the slop of the cartridge. Works on the same premise as the spent brass. I compare the fired 6.5CM case to a full sized one and then use a shim to get the Datum shoulder too within+ or - .001". Preferably -.001" but if it's .001" over it will still crush fine in the chamber.