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H 4831

For those who like to play a little like i do I stumbled on a very accurate load for MY rifle. Being that I dont have h4350 on hand I started experaminting with what I do have. I did Varget,IMR-4350,IMR-4064, didnt get groups I wanted. Then when I was loading for a custom 308 mag I have, I looked at the load data on the keg of H4831 I have and it listed 45.7 for the 260 Rem. As we all know 260 and 6.5 cm are almost the same I figured id reduce the charge a little and give it a try. Am I glad I did with a charge of 45.5 and a nosler comp bullet I started to hammer 10 shot groups in the 3s and 4s. These loads were done with reformed LC-91 Match 308 brass and standard primers. No pressure signes and no split cases.
My rifle is a custom made rifle so I would reduce the charges a little more than what i listed and work up if you plan to try this data.

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Thats good info; I have reloder 22 I used for my 300wsm before it was built into the 6.5CM, maybe I'll just try and use it up. Reloder22 is comparable to 4831 but really found a sweet spot with Reloder 17 and 140gr A-max only in my 6.5CM. Didn't work with 120-123gr but likes 140's. Reloder 17 shoots flatter then my H4350 loads with same accuracy. I dont have a chrono so I go by 100yrd and 300yrd target data.

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Sorry Rob but I dont have a chrono. The R17 was shooting 2 to 3 clicks higher at 300yrds than H4350.