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130gr Accubond data?

New guy here, just received a TC Precision Hunter Icon in 6.5 CM and I would like to shoot the Accubonds.  Anybody have any load info to share otherwise would it be OK to use the starting data for the 129gr SST?


Re: 130gr Accubond data?

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The reloading data for the 129 SST is a perfect starting point to work up your load.

Re: 130gr Accubond data?

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Finally got a chance to run a few rounds down range.  I tried 42 and 42.5 grains of H4350 with a 130gr Accubond.  42 grains was best with about a 3/4 MOA group at 200 yards and the 42.5 opened up  to about 1.25 MOA, forgot the chrony.