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load help

I am looking for reloading data for my dpms 6.5 24".  I have only been able to find alittle info on this.  What i have found looks like the factory ammo is loaded over max charge.  I have some 140 hpbt sierra match and h4350 but have not been able to find anything printed on that combo.  I have found some for 142's but its max is still under factory 140amax..... let me know what ya think.

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Did you see the load data from Hornady posted here?  Page 4 has reload data for 140gr bullets and H4350 is one of the powders used.  I suggest you use that information as a guidance to work up your load.

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I ended up  @ 41.5gr of H4350 for my 26" bolt gun with 140 A-MAx. That seems fine, with no pressure signs. I'd start there or even @ 41.0gr. I've shot cheap 140gr sps  Rem bullets @ 41gr. But I'd have to say if your shooting a semi-gun, that 120gr A-Max or the like might shoot better, all depending on your barrel twist.