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New to me RA Predator

Litehiker was nice enough to sell me his RAP and I got a chance to shoot it over the weekend to get my scope "close" to zero at 100 yards.

I mounted up an older Nikon 4.5-14x40 MilDot (with those almost-too-thin crosshairs for hunting) on it and loaded up 7 rounds of 143 ELDX over 40.5 grains H4350 in new Hornady brass.

This was just to foul the bore and get my scope zero close so that next time I could start load development.

First two shots were within an inch of each other on the top edge of the target just left of center.  Next shot was a bit high and right.  Next shot was within a quarter inch of the center dot, so I just sent the next three rounds without making any scope adjustments.

The result was the last four forming a 0.328" group.

If that ends up being the best it will shoot, I am pretty happy.  However, I am going to start my load development to see if I get it down to a single hole.

Temps have dropped back down to single digits, so it may be a while before I get back out to the bench!


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Good start there.
I'd stay with the ELD-X and just hunt close around the 40.5 gr level.
Have two RAPS and they're both keepers.. (243 & 6.5cm)
... rule #9 ...

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I loved my RAP but mine would heat up and start wandering.  The first 3 shots were almost one hole though.  I relieved the barrel channel quite a bit thinking that was the problem but not so.  I traded it but in hindsight I wished I didn't because it was so light and handy and perfect for hunting but then again I have more than a few hunting rifles.  I had my SWFA 10x on it and also shot the 143ELD-X with H4350. 

BTW, I have an old Buckmaster 4.5x14x40 mildot scope like yours and last year the parallax focus went out.  Nikon fixed it and within 2 weeks had it back.  Good service. 

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I have an American in 308 Win that is very accurate and it makes such a nice light hunting rifle that I wanted the Creedmoor.  You can never have too many guns, they just have to take turns. :)

And if I have to take more than three quick shots while hunting, I may not be doing something right.

I actually have two of those Buckmasters; one is bell adjustable parallax and the newer one is side adjustment.  I like them a lot.

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Hey Jason,

How ya likin' that Timmy trigger?  I think it helps a lot getting your good group. You can always adjust it down a bit.

Gotta say, Ruger sure made a great barrel and excellent Y-Block bedding that is a combination V block and action bolt pillar. Very clever. I recall I set the action bolts at 65 inch/pounds of torque.

Try some 140 gr. ELD-M rounds too. It likes them.

Eric B.
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Thanks for the bolt torque settings.

Love that Timney. Would go lighter MAYBE if it were going to live on the bench, but it will be a hunter. I am working up reloads tonight so I am ready to shoot as soon as it warms up a little. Have 143 ELDX and Barnes 127 LRX to give a go.