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Reloading / Re: Nosler Custom Comp and RDF
Lofty, I've used both in 6.5cm RAP and SAV 10 GRS.
Both provided good results up to 400 yards, but the quality of the RDF seemed slightly better.
Took more effort to find a good node with the RDFs, probably all me.
Would still be using the RDFs, but got hooked on 140 ELD-M, just hard to brake that habit.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Do cheap muzzle brakes work?
Yah, one on a 24" 6.5cm AR,  other is on a 6.5cm RAP.
Range buddies like to move down a few benches from those.
First one was on an 18" 308 bolt, but since it mostly stays in the safe, it was moved to the RAP.
Reloading / Re: First rifle reload - advice
My comment is to get a decent chrono ASAP, beg, borrow, etc.
The factory Hornady Black 140 works well for me too, may want to chrono it then your reloads as well.
Also, three shot groups can be misleading, I try for 5 shot groups now.
Reloading / Re: SMK 150 Grain 6.5 CM
I tried from 44.3 to 47 Superformance on those pills, in my SAV 10 24" 8:1,  and got 2670 to 2860 fps.
Best groups were at 44.3, but it seemed to be on the ragged edge of stability and those groups were unacceptable (+1.5 MOA).
Stopped working with the 150 SMK cause apparently my  8:1 twist is not fast enough. 
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Just ordered a new Savage 10 GRS 6.5 Creed
….I got the bug for an "entry lever" long range rifle......
Welcome & my SAV 10 GRS is more than an entry level, think yours will be too.
Mine likes the cheap Hornady 140 BTHP black box, really well.
On the 130 gn pills, I've been happy with Varget vs H4350.
 And the 130 TGK over Varget is what I'm currently shooting.
Do like H4350 (and H100V) for 140 - 143 gn pills.
Mine wears a Vortex Golden Eagle 15-60x52, which I love, its my best scope by far.
On break in, I cleaned the bore after every 5 for the first 50, not sure it needed it.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Please educate me on Red Dot optical sights
The Holosun in your link is thought to be the same internals as a Sig Romeo5.
I have two of the Romeo5 and recommend them as a solid value. They can be had currently for $120 at PSA.
The wake up feature is great for saving battery life and one less thing to worry about in an emergency.
They get good reviews too.
General Discussion / Re: Hornady 100gr Match?
They work very well in my 24" SAV 10 at 100 yards.
 100 ELD-M, VARGET 38.75 gn,  F210M,   STARLINE,   COL 2.660" => 2932 fps
Reloading / Re: Anyone Using "Superformance" powder?
….123 gr A-MAX over 47.5 grains of Super Performance.... average of 3005 fps  My COAL was 2.255".  ...
Are you sure, seems a little short on the COL side., maybe that's base to ogive.
 Hornady 9th ed suggests 2.710" & its what I use for that pill.
My load for that pill @ 3000 fps from 24" barrel is 41.0 gn Varget, COL 2.710".  (work up to this carefully, its hot)
My normal load for this pill runs 2861 fps, for best groups.