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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: shot out ?
Not the full amount.
 I tried 2.885 and 2.880 stepping down to 2.860,  adjusting the powder downward to keep near ~2715 fps
Both of those shot well.
The 2.880 is about 0.015 off the lands and is what I'll use for now.
I don't crimp these,  so didn't want to chance a stuck projectile on a manual eject.
Reloading / Re: Temp sensitivity test
That was a note on RL-15, so the author had an incomplete temp range on just that one.
But don't know what the full temp range was, sorry.
Reloading / Re: Temp sensitivity test
These calculate into fps/deg as:

Superformance 2.08  fps/deg
IMR4350       1.54  fps/deg

Those seem a little high, and expect H4350 to do much better.
I posted this chart elsewhere, a collection from www sources, fwiw..
(Test conditions are unknown)

Bolt Action Rifles / shot out ?
Have over 1450 rounds through my SAV 10 GRS, and was not getting 1 moa any more.
Thinking maybe time for a new barrel.
Compared 140 ELD-M COL to lands against new barrel and saw 0.027" erosion.
Adjusted the 140 ELD-M load for 2.880" and back it came, this at 400 yards.

Reloading / Re: loads for Savage #12 LRP
Welcome flex.   NIce new stick to start loading for..
Hard to beat 41.9 gn H4350 under a 140 gn pill, in my SAV 10 (24" w/break), Hdy brass.
Also need to adjust for case capacity since HDY is more than Lapua, in order to get same fps from both cases.
Usual caution applies,, to work up the loads from a safe starting point..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: New to me RA Predator
Good start there.
I'd stay with the ELD-X and just hunt close around the 40.5 gr level.
Have two RAPS and they're both keepers.. (243 & 6.5cm)
Reloading / Re: 130 tmk's ???
Like'em, can usually find a node faster than the 140s node, which means flatter flights.
Also working with Game Tipped 130s (GTK).
Little more expensive than ELD-Ms but getting 1500 TMK at a time sounds like a winner.
Reloading / Re: Nosler 140gr Accubond reloading
OP: on the 120gr Nosler ballistic tip , closest I've done in a 24" barrel was 123 ELD-M over 41 gn Varget for ~3000 fps, well under an MOA but not further tested.