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Reloading / Re: To crimp or not to crimp
As a side note my Hornady brass runs around 4gr spread in weight the Peterson was only 2gr spread both for 50 round lots.
Reloading / Re: To crimp or not to crimp
Well this kind of falls into the crimping venue so I won’t start a new thread. I picked up some Peterson SRP brass to tinker with I dropped 1gr from my Hornady brass load working back up at .3gr increments so I started at 39.2gr, 39.5gr, 39.8gr at 40.1gr I pierced a primer. Now I always had pierced primer issues with this AR-10 so that wasn’t that surprising to me all these loads had been crimped. I then loaded up five at 38.9gr but didn’t crimp at all four of the five rounds pierced the primers WTF just happened I then loaded up five at 38.6gr with a crimp and everything was fine agian. For the uncrimped 38.9gr load the velocity was where I would of expected but the SD was high at around 30. IDK I going to pick up some CCI 41’s and try those there really where no other pressure signs. I should just buy a JP over presser bolt and firing pin. This was all virgin peterson brass
Reloading / Re: To crimp or not to crimp

I've done the same thing never had any movement but thought I'd try it anyway and groups have tightened up.


I've done this with 4-5 times fired brass and factory new brass makes no difference that I can see on the target

I normally do not crimp anything but I was tinkering as usual and for whatever reason it has tightened up the group's. That gun just seems to like a crimp. 
Reloading / To crimp or not to crimp
I have not been crimping for my 6.5 gasser and decided to play around with my Lee FCD well after this afternoons shooting I’ll be crimping for this gun at least. I would say I picked up around 1/4-1/3moa in accuracy with the crimp putting me around a solid 3/4moa maybe slightly better. I had played with the LFCD when I first got the gun but it didn’t seem to make much difference but sometime after that I discovered my hand guard had shifted and was hitting my gas block so all testing prior to that is suspect.
General Discussion / Re: Barrel Temperature Drill
I have had sporter weight barrels wonder around with heat most of my bull barrels don’t tend to wonder much and my more expensive barrels don’t either even in lighter profiles. If your gun is for hunting only I see no reason to worry about it if your trying to target shoot with that gun it may need a bedding job check action screw torques ect if none of that helps maybe a new barrel is the answer.
Reloading / Bullet Runout enigma

Anyone have any input at where runout actually starts to effect your accuracy. I just did a abbreviated bit of testing and so far I can’t really see any discernible difference in ammo that has .001 and ammo that has .005 of runout as measured near where the bearing surface and ogive meet.  Now I will freely admit the limited amount of shooting I did today is hardly of any statistical value but I usually can start to see where my testing is leading me and I didn’t really see enough of a difference to bother sorting rounds to that level of difference. Actual shooting experience please I can read what the Internet ninjas think elsewhere.
Reloading / Re: Reloading press
I have a co-ax a rcbs turret and Redding T7 I like the co-ax the best it see's the most use in fact the RCBS will be heading out to pasture shortly. I will not say I think the co-ax loads lower runout ammo than the rest it is simply a pleasure to use. I like the over head ergonomics of it, the insanely fast die changes and very clean primer collection. I will prime my large rifle primer calibers on it but I shoot very few of them generally speaking for any volume priming get a hand primer. The co-ax is a pricey investment and not for everyone I tinker a great deal in the reloading room and for me I would probably consider it my best reloading investment. Look at it like this a Fort Pinto and a Jaguar will both get you from point A to point B one is just more to drive. 
General Discussion / Re: A humbling for me.. a challenge for you all..
Buddy of mine did the same thing a few years ago with 7 mag at 400yds bullet never did make it though all the glass layers that whole story of shooting through the scope is BS. I’m not saying it wouldn't maim or kill the guy but going through the lenses into the guys eye idk pretty doubtful. I get my dose of humility on the 400yd egg shoot days.
Reloading / Re: Hornady vs Hodgon reloading data
With My AR-10 in 6.5 Creedmoor I can't approach book max loads either I believe its inherent to the over gassed nature of AR-10's. I use Hodgdens data all the time without issue with other guns
Reloading / Re: Firs time shooting my own loaded ammo/Report... more advice needed
I see several nodes in that first round of load development. One at the bottom one at the top and one at 39.7-40 if your shooting long range look at the top if you don’t need the speed that one around 39.7-40 looks very promising. My speculation based strictly on the chrono data didn’t even look at the target pics. I would think you could get some rediculous low SD’s and accuracy with a load that was within 1fps with a .3gr difference in powder charge that’s the things dreams are made of.