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Reloading / Dillon 550C, UniqueTek Toolhead w/Clamp Kit + Foster Micro Seater = No Fit
Anyone using the above setup?

Moving from RockChucker to Dillon & per Forster (and Redding’s) instructions for their micro seating dies I’m trying to setup the die with the base of the die touching the shell plate. “...Continue screwing the die clockwise until you have fully compressed the sliding Die Chamber. “ The problem is using the lock rings supplied with the UniqueTek head and ram fully up, the the sliding die is exposed about 3/8”. Not enough threads left to screw the die down any further.

I notice the lock rings are “thicker” than Dillon’s, but I need the supplied rings for the pin hole.

I seated about 50 rounds of Berger Hybrids and CBTO varies +- .002 or so, ES .005 at worst. Wondering if not being able to fully seat the die might be part of the problem.

Thanks for any help.

(At least I’m getting better at ensuring the ram is up and a case inserted before I hand pour powder!)

The clamp screws below are not installed.

My planned setup is powder in station 1 ( auto thrower/trickler), powder check in station 2 (Varget in 223 & 4350 in 6.5 CM occasionally bridges & clogs the funnel), seating in station 3 and Redding Instant Indicator in station 4.

Reloading / (Edited) Pierced primer, busted Jewell and a Lyman borescope
It’s been my go to load now for 2200 rounds till this morning.
White puff of smoke out the vent was my first clue.

Checked the primer and it was definitely “cratered” pierced; huh, oh well, tried firing another and damn, the trigger is stuck in the fired position.  Quick google tells me blown primer plus Jewell = busted Jewell. Not pierced here, just "cratered'"

My only guess is I left a round chambered in a “hot” barrel and cooked the round. But it’s kind of a moderate load and I’ve shot in hot 100 degree TX weather all summer long. Today was a balmy 80.

Lesson learned I guess.

Reloading / Defiance action magazine feed problem
For the first 1500 rounds or so I've mostly single fed rounds. (Primarily because they've always been clumsy to magazine feed.)

I had my smith look at my feeding problems and he "tuned" the magazine feed lips to see if it improved. It hasn't. The problem is, after a round or two, invariably one will get caught, jammed below the feed ramp against the action and fail to chamber unless I re-seat it. Anyone have any idea what is causing this?  Thanks in advance.

(Also while at the shop, we tried a pMag and Alpha mag, but neither fit properly in the mag well)

Reloading / THICK!! Peterson Brass
Ordered a few hundred small primer pockets from Peterson while my build was finishing up, and asked Peterson which size neck bushing do they suggest. I was told they recommend 290.

But damn, with the new brass I had to run them through the expander portion of the Redding type S die just to get seating die to work. But the real kicker is they seat at .294! .004 neck tension.

I really don’t want to turn the necks and my smith says the chamber is reamed to 296, so is it OK to order a 292 bushing and live with the thick necks?

Just got a Magnetospeed 3 and my 10 shot string Berger 140 Hybrids was an SD of 5 and ES 13. 2725 w/ 41.1 H4350, Federal Gold SRP set 18 off the lands. 24” Bartlein barrel.

Reloading / OCW help please
Just can’t make sense of this OCW.
Powder dropped with a Chargemaster.
24” Bartlein barrel,
Berger 140 Hybrids.
Peterson brass (small primer pockets)
Federal Gold primers

First 6 targets are 5 shot groups from 40.3 - 41.8 grs. in .3 increments.

Next 6 are 3 shot groups from 41.2 - 42 in .2 increments for chrono work, but the chronograph wasn’t reliable.

I want to jump on the 41.2 load, but the next group at 41.5 looks like the scatter node?!?
But then it tightens right back up at 41.8?

The second row shows 41.2 ideal as well (41.4 has one called flyer and 41.6 is actually 3 shots, two through same hole.)

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks.