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Reloading / Visual on 140 ELD-M sorting
Here's a pic of my simple sorting of 140 ELD-M.. approx. +500 pills. 
My goto pill for range 6.5 cm small groups.
This is a simple visual with no scientific method, and the 140.0 bin has been already been emptied once, so it really should be +200 pills, ie a lot more/higher than 139.9.
I pick a bin to load a series from, to keep the pills within a small weight range.

Bolt Action Rifles / 100 gn AMAX
My best 100 yard group today, 5 shot,  SAV 10 GRS.
100 gn AMAX, 41.36 gn Varget, 2.660" COL, F210M, Starline.
First time trying the 100s, was one out of 4 loads of Varget.

Bolt Action Rifles / 95 VMAX
Settled in on 41.50 gr Varget, F210M, Starline brass and 2.660" COL for about 3150 fps.
Fired my SAV 10 GRS with Vortex Viper scope off a solid granite bench.
Tried 8208 but Varget was noticeably better.

Reloading / middle look ok ?
from new annealer : what do you think, left not enough, right side to much, middle ok ?

Bolt Action Rifles / new Savage 10 bolt removal
Have a brand new 10 GRS, mounted the scope & bubble level, its not been fired yet.
The bolt is extremely difficult to remove & replace using the trigger depress then bolt release procedure.
Only one out of ~ten tries works either in or out.
Don't like to force anything, (shouldn't have to imo), but will it free up over time, or, can I help it along by slightly  rounding some edges on bolt lugs ?  TIA
Reloading / QL+OBT
Been pestering Jerry with QL * OBT questions,, he's been patient & very helpful in my learning curve with these.
TKS jvw.

I am asking if heavy muzzle breaks and cans have been seen to alter OBTs on bolt guns ?
Also, do gas guns with various gas port lengths,  also follow the posted OBT values ?

TIA, Bob