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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
Last post by HufD63 -
@Ranger 188

Found some 106s out in MT recently and the guy said he should let me have them because he'd never shoot them.

A week later I texted him about how many he had and what did he want for them.
So he weighs them, sends me several pictures and decides he has 950+ of them.

Again I as what he wants for them. An hour later he texts back he better keep them. This was one of the DC guys.

Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
Last post by HufD63 -
I've got a 7.25 twist 6 BRA barrel that really shoots the 103 - 106 class bullets, by popular opinion it should be over twisted.

I spend a lot of time & components looking for the "secret sauce" nodes that are considerably slower than what many feel to be the gold standard for a known combination and often my testing has me shooting a velocity that most wouldn't consider. Almost to a rule anytime I chase a known "upper" node it's not as good as the middle or low node.

I weigh primers, pin guage necks, expand with a mandrel, sort bullets to 2 - 4 parameters etc.

What I'm getting at is we all have our own way of doing things and our own accuracy requirements for what we're doing.

So when we start making blanket statements for what worked in something else it may work but since every rifle, barrel and shooter is different there's a really high likelihood we are leaving "meat on the bone" if we don't test it thoroughly ourselves in our rifle.

There are many loads that seem to shoot good or even well in many rifles but there are always improvements to be had that only come from testing.
Reloading / Re: Recommendations on Powder for 6.5 PRC
Last post by CaneZach -
A little late to the party, and although I'm shooting a 25 PRC using the Blackjack 131 bullets, but the load for the 131s will be very close to what will work for the 6.5 130s. I've used nothing but Reloder 23 with great results out to just over a mile.
Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
Last post by Ranger 188 -
Tom Mousel and Alex Wheeler both think a bullet is at it's
best when it's in the 1.8 area of the Miller stability chart.
(at longer ranges)
Which depending on, temp. and a few other parameters, but using a 140g hybrid,
the twist rate in in the 7.6- 7.7 range is hitting that number.
But then you have the short range shooter (100-300) shooting a light bullet
in a 13.5 twist which is in low 1.1 area of the stability chart.
Go figure.
General Discussion / Bitterroot Valley
Last post by CaptGrumpy -
Well the move to Idaho worked out well for the wife & I as we sold our spread there for close to $1million over what we paid for it 18 months prior. We decided to join some friends in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana due to the large amount of development happening in our neck of the woods and the crowd was what I was trying to escape in California. I had not been here since the early 80s and coming back felt so good. This place is a world class flyfishing paradise as well as wildlife refuge. We downsized from 42 acres to 10 but with trees, a creek and a pond out back and a nice sized pasture out front. People in Montana are very pleasant and a bit more balanced than in Idaho. Idaho is freaking out over the development and are far from prepared for what is about to happen to their sleepy towns in the southwest. We were lucky to find the home that we did and then listed and sold our house in about 4 hours from the time it listed a.nd had it closed in 3 weeks. So far we have enjoyed the deer herd, the turkey cruising through daily, the quail, ducks and geese on the pond and expect the elk back next winter. The plan is to raise a few head of cattle to continue with the ag tax exemptions and supplement our retirement and give us a tax shelter, planting the pasture in alfalfa this spring. There is a rifle range about 5 miles from the house and will be happy to be back to someplace that is a bit more organized than the sh!tshow on the BLM land behind our house in Idaho.
Turkey in the tree while having coffee on the deck
my creek
I plan on getting a quality video camera and start making videos in the yard of my resident critters and calling them into decoys and such. The property is going to remain hunt free especially to firearms due to the close by homes
Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
Last post by jvw2008 -
I think the slowest twist that adequately stabilizes the bullet and distance you are shooting is a good approach. Over twist can have detrimental affects.
Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
Last post by autoxforfun -
I too am a fan of the 1:8 twist for the 6.5CM.  I tried a 7.5 twist and it didn't shoot as good as the 8.  I shoot mainly 140g bullets but the 1:8 handles the 147 ELD-Ms just fine as well.  I am slowing learning that using the twist you need and not going faster is a better way to go.
Reloading / Re: Pressure Signs or rather the lack of pressure signs
Last post by gman47564 -
Jerry i do agree that its whats on the target that counts.. but their is no target pics from the op yet.. i gave advise on the information that was givin so far.. and thats the numbers.. from what i read here the op has been  reloading since the 70's and has been using the velocity ladder for a little while now.. and talks about being able to get his es and sd down around 10 for the es.. that tells me hes got a handle on making good rounds.. like alot of us that dont have labradars its hard to do a ocw test and record velocity at the same time with a magneto speed.. that thing straped onto the end of the barrel affects the groups and pretty much makes them meaning less.. so with the information available and the advice giving hopefully the op can give us some groups to look at to go with the information we have so far..

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