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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Re: New Barnes 145gr Match Burners
Last post by gman47564 -
Sounds like your doing all the right things dave.. couple questions for ya.. how are you setting up the target for your ocw test.. are all your aim points in a single horizontal row.. with ocw test were looking for 2 or 3 charge weights to have the same point of impact in relation to the target.. with the aim points in a row its pretty easy to see the load come into the node. Level out and then go out of the node.. if you can post a pic of your ocw test.. we can give you better feedback that way.. if your in the node then work on seating depth.. i like to go .005 on both sides of what i started with.. then i can tell which way to go if one side is tightening the group up..
Reloading / Re: New Barnes 145gr Match Burners
Last post by daved20319 -
So I'm working up a load with the 145's in my Creedmoor, using once fired Alpha LP brass, VV N555 powder, and Fed 210 primers.  Initial seating depth is at .030" off the lands, which gives me a BTO of 2.229" with my comparator.  Charge range is 41.9-43.2 gr., and nothing really jumped out at me, trend is really linear.  If I fall back on ES/SD, 42.5 looks about the best, at an avg. of right at 2800 FPS.  Usual disclaimer, of course, these are loads that are safe in MY rifle, doesn't mean they'll work in yours.  Rifle is a Savage 12 FV with a nearly new Criterion 28" SS bull barrel.  None of my loads showed anything special for accuracy, 1-1.5".  So my question is, what next?  And in a related vein, how jump tolerant are the Barne's MB's?  To they want to run closer to the lands, or do they like to get more of a running start?

On a related subject, I'm using the OCW method, and firing my test increments "round robin".  I understand the reasoning behind it, but am questioning the real world efficacy.  I find it disruptive, and potentially error prone, to have to change targets and POA with every shot, and I suspect it showed in my groups.  I'm using a Labradar chrono, so no concerns with that impacting them.  I fire 5 rds. per charge, increments are usually .3 gr.  All testing is done at 100 yards.  Any critique of my process, or ideas to improve it?  Although not exactly new to shooting or hand loading, I'm only just starting down the rabbit hole of precision loading, I know I'm a careful, meticulous loader, but I also know I have a lot to learn.  Thanks.


Reloading / Re: Recommendations on Powder for 6.5 PRC
Last post by Boostmeister -
I'm a bit surprised that there has been no mention of H1000 powder.  I've been using that with 140+ gr bullets in my MPA 6.5 PRC for the last year.  I have wanted to try RL26, but it simply (like everything else) is unobtainable.  If you can find it, give H1000 a try.
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
Last post by jvw2008 -
Under 400 I think it takes a radical dimensional deviation to show on the target. Definitely evident at 600. At a 1000 even mild deviations result in group break down. Just my opinion and the guide I use to make my bullet selection decisions. At 1000, I even don’t want to use rejects for my sighter rounds.
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
Last post by HufD63 -
Interesting, @boltman13 if I were going to sort by only one parameter for 600 yards it would be base to ogive.

Brian Litz said that once in an interview, not saying I'm right or you are wrong. That's what's cool about all this is we all get to decide what's important for ourselves.

A couple winters ago I sorted a several thousand bullets from different makers to several parameters and found base to ogive and OAL were the only place to catch a variance on any of them.
OAL being the worst but then after measuring base to seater stem it was clear all the OAL variance was between the seater stem and meplat and under magnification it was pretty obvious it was the meplat themselves.

With all that being said like I stated above I sort to .001" on ogive and .005" OAL with the real benefit being I catch 4 - 10 freaks per 1000 that are way off from the rest. They get used as foulers.

Don't know if it matters but it makes me feel better. 
Reloading / Re: Advice needed for purchaseof powsder throw.
Last post by boltman13 -
When I loaded at the Range for short range BR and Hunter BR my Redding BR30 with a Sinclair drop tube gave outstanding consistency with Ball and super short stick like H322 or Benchmark.  As others have said consistent strokes are necessary and a gentle tap at the end as well.  I have never seen a Bench Rest shooter weigh a charge at a match.  A Harrels is their gold standard.
Competition / Re: Ammo Shortage: beginning to thin out shooters who compete
Last post by boltman13 -
I am no longer doing any practice, and saving my powder and primers for matches.  I have enough for this year and probably next as well but I don't know how long this may last.  I do compete in RF-BR locally at 50 and 100 yds. and have a good supply of match grade amo with more on the way, and can practice with loads of cheep stuff.
General Discussion / Re: Bitterroot Valley
Last post by boltman13 -
Capt, We had friends who lived on the East side of the Bitterroot River just outside Florence.  The fishing was great.  They finally sold out and moved to Anaconda to be nearer family and downsize but it is nice where they are as well.  There is a great Range outside Missoula up in the National Forest where I have shot 1,000 yd. F-Class and plan to again in September.  They also have long range bench rest and other ranges as well.  Is that the range you are talking about?  I'm glad you are happy.
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
Last post by boltman13 -
I just finished weight sorting 500 Nosler 105 gr 6mm RDF's with a Lyman 2000 digital scale. The nervous twitch has now subsided and I can report the variation was from 104.6gr  to 105.3 gr.  The vast majority were from 104.8gr to 105.2 gr.  I will use those for 600 yd. F-Class and keep them sorted and use the rest for fowlers.  I may spot check a few in each weight to see what base to ogive length is but I am afraid to subject myself to doing all of them just for 600 yds.  I do not trust them beyond that and use only Sierra and Berger's at 1,000 yds.  These were not blems.  I have bought some Hornady 68 gr HPBT's from Midway in the past for High Power practice with my AR-15's with good results at 100 and 200 yards reduced course, but no longer compete in that.

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