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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Gunsmithing / Re: Free floating the tang on a Savage
Last post by HufD63 -
Right or wrong I don't bed forward of the lug. I like just enough behind the lug to ooze part way up the front of the lug without contacting the nut.

Not saying your way is wrong just how I do it. If you're getting good accuracy that's what counts!
General Discussion / Re: A humbling for me.. a challenge for you all..
Last post by gman47564 -
2 for 2 isn't luck... one thing about shooting at little aim points is that it makes you focus more on what your doin... how your holding the gun.. how your squeezing the trigger.. makes you a better rifleman... the golf ball was fairly easy at 250... the corn has my 300 and 430 yard targets hid now … so now im thinking a pop bottle cap at 250... :}
Gunsmithing / Re: Free floating the tang on a Savage
Last post by autoxforfun -
Thanks Dave.   The light went on.....what I was calling the 'tang' and what you were calling the 'tang' were different.  I had make the connection to the lug versus the tang....which was wrong.  Now I get it and I think I'm squared away.
General Discussion / Re: A humbling for me.. a challenge for you all..
Last post by gman47564 -
Bob that is impressive shooting.. twice as far as mine was today.. well done sir..

Dave I think I had 68 hours last week at work.. took the left overs of a hurricane to keep me home today and some personal matters to take care of. Golf balls to shoot.. lol.
Gregg I could use a job like that.. if I get rained out I just get 2 hours.. unless I start my piece of equipment.. 😏 then its 4 hours.. lol
Reloading / Re: h4350 velocity comparisons
Last post by powermetal -
Each separate line/graph was a different date.  This wasn't so much a "test" as it was a comparison of data i collect normally.  Samples range from February to July, so probably a 50 degree difference in temp.  Part of the curiosity is the temp stability of the H4350.

I think it's an interesting comparison, as we chase "nodes", then load to have ES <10 for 5 shot groups.  Even if all that is true, seems mother nature has the final say.  The variation is enough to push you off a node.

I've read a few powder/temp comparison articles and was interested to see what my own data showed. 
Sorry the graph is harder to read.  If someone has "actual" interest, i can provide the spreadsheet.  Excluding my old lot, the new lot seems to shoot +/- 5-10 fps.  Oddly enough, 2 of the sweet spots for accuracy match up with some of the wider variations from day to day (40.3, 40.8).  This past sunday, my best group was .75" at 300 yards (4 shot) and it was 40.3, 2709 FPS avg.  That particular group was strange too in that there was 1 really slow shot (2697).  ES for that group was 26.4.  Last group of the day, too

Anyhow, thanks for the comments thus far...

W    AVG    High   Low       ES   std   1           2           3            4
40.3   2707   2711   2703   7.7   3.2   2711   2706   2708   2703
40.0   2696   2707   2689   18.3   8.4   2690   2689   2696   2707
40.1   2699   2703   2695   8.1   3.8   2695   2703   2696   2700
40.2   2708   2713   2701   12.2   5.5   2713   2705   2701   2711
40.3   2710   2716   2704   11.2   5.3   2706   2712   2704   2716
40.4   2716   2723   2711   11.9   5.1   2714   2723   2718   2711
40.5   2720   2725   2717   8.3   3.9   2717   2721   2725   2717
40.6   2731   2742   2722   19.7   10.4   2738   2742   2723   2722
40.7   2745   2755   2736   18.7   7.7   2736   2746   2755   2743
40.8   2729   2736   2725   10.7   4.7   2725   2736   2728   2727
40.9   2744   2750   2737   12.9   6.4   2748   2739   2750   2737
40.3   2710   2723   2697   26.4   11.3   2723   2697   2715   2707
Gunsmithing / Re: Free floating the tang on a Savage
Last post by HufD63 -
Thanks Dave for the reply.  Here is what I did (good or bad) when I bedded the Savage Target Action.  As you can see, the well fits the tang with little play.  There was not bedding rear of the last action screw.  I have no reason to complain....the guns shoots well and is still tunable with rear screw.

The tang is the area in the top of your picture out of view and appears not bedded. The tang is the rear of the action where it comes to a point where the safety to the rear of the trigger well.

I think your bedding job looks good and is how I would do it.

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