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General Discussion / Re: Best AR Pistol in 300 Blackout
I have a Wilson Combat 300 BLK 9" upper which I use on registered SBR lower. If a person really just wants to buy a 300 BLK pistol, can't go wrong with the Ruger or the SA. I just can't imagine buying a built AR since I'm real particular about what parts and pieces I like.

General Discussion / Re: Memorial Day!
Old Glory flies here, always a reminder to cherish freedom, and today, to honor those who gave up theirs, so we can enjoy ours.
Reloading / Re: Bare with
Sometimes the bullet will follow the case out, sometimes it may fall out when the the action is moved to a vertical position, and sometime a cleaning rod from the other end may be needed. None of this matters since the push rod retains the dimension being measured. Consistency on the part of the push rod holder my result in more consistency as to which outcome occurs.
Reloading / Re: Varget shortage?
I suggested IMR 4064, he found a bunch and will work up some loads for it.

Thanks for the input team :)
Reloading / Re: Varget shortage?
@Ranger 188, ideally he want's 8lbs, I told him to get what he can from PV, even if 1lb cans. has a few for sale at amazing prices. Ammoseek has nuffin.
Reloading / Varget shortage?
A bud from ID called saying he was running low on Varget. He's a diehard 308 guy and turned me on to Varget a few years back. Anyway, I tried to find some and could only find a limited supply at Powder Valley.

I know Varget isn't a 6.5 staple, figured maybe the shooters here have some sources worth checking?
Reloading / Sinclair priming tool thoughts
This tool looks pretty nice, I wonder if anyone here owns one and doesn't mind sharing thoughts?
General Discussion / Re: Chronograph...
This is purely anecdotal but, I had the range to myself one day, Labradar ran like a Swiss watch. Another shooter arrived and set up 5-6 benches away from me, he had a LR as well. As soon as he turned on his LR, mine ran like a rusty Timex. I was about done anyway but I chatted with him to see if we might be both on the same channel; we were. I'll never know if that was the cause since I'd packed up already. I moved my LR from the default to a different channel and haven't seen the same thing recur.

One thing I know for sure is if mine misses a shot and reports that it couldn't acquire, I have to power cycle it or it will keep missing shots.

Put it this way, my LR specimen is not a good choice for a 10-shot Satterlee ladder, it introduces equal parts anxiety (will it capture the shot?), or disappointment (nope), or both, into an experiment where data acquisition is vital.
General Discussion / Re: Chronograph...
I had the Magnetospeed for quite a bit longer than I've had the Labradar, in all that time the only shot it dropped is when I stupidly grazed the bayonet :( My Labradar is temperamental, it will drop the occasional shot, sometimes needing to be power cycled to get it out of it's funk.

In retrospect I should have kept the MS and dedicated it for ladder work. The LR is hard to beat for ease of use and convenience.
General Discussion / Re: Custom barrel makers...
I've had most of what everyone calls the "Top" brand barrels over the years,and they all do shoot great. But,I bought 3 Shaw 6.5 CM Savage pre-fit barrels back in 2009 on a group buy when I decided to try the cartridge and they were the best shooting barrels that I've ever had. To say I was surprised would be an under statement!

I know it's not a precision rifle but, I dropped a Shaw barrel on my Ruger 10/22, holy mackerel that thing shoots!