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General Discussion / Re: Interesting Read
It will certainly be interesting to see if the other branches of the military adopt the 6.5 CM.  Yep, powder will dry up for a spell, but supply might even catch up with demand.  However on the bullet side of the coin, it took over a year to resupply my supply of Berger 130 and 140 VLDs!!  Now, one cannot help but wonder if there will be better more advances in bullet ballistics, or if it remains static.  Case in point, notice how the 9mm has advanced over the years.  Is there a chance that ballistic advances lie ahead for this round, or will it remain the same.  The 6.5 has, IMHO, still has so much more potential.
General Discussion / Re: JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS
I've had too many of "Just one of those days"  Last Saturday for example.  Broke the stock on my M1 Carbine.  Put on a new one and it shot high, when the military issue one was dead on, even with iron sights at 100.  Let's face it, a WWII issue M1 carbine is doing fantastic at 200!!  So I am gluing the old stock back together and who knows, it just might not be "just one of those days" at the range.

Now the 6.5 Creed still drives tacks and it was, is and will be a love - love relationship.
Reloading / Re: New to reloading, need some advice
I've been reloading for a couple of years and there seems to always be one more little gadget that will make reloading life easier.  I currently load for both pistol, 308, 6.5, 7mm and 30-30.  For example, a friend at the range gave me some surplus 303 ammo and some of it is corrosive.  So I decided NOT to shoot it in my vintage P14 Sniper and possibly use the bullets since there are 174 gr.  Right?  Not so much.  For the Pakistani rounds, they were loaded with Cordite and have corrosive Burden primers.  Soooo, I found a bullet puller that mounts on top of the RCBS Single Stage loader and with a collet, one can safely remove the bullet.  Now, Nathan Foster gave me much needed information about the bullets and recommended not making them hollow points because of the way they were manufactured. 

So the reloading press gets use, now to remove the cordite one needs to remove the paper wad with tweezers and then the Cordite.  The primers will be soaked in motor oil in order to neuter them.  In all, there are about 500 rounds. 
General Discussion / Re: Weather
Had to turn on the sprinklers yesterday as the ground was looking parched.  The new spring apples on the tree need the water to get bigger, and the peaches on the other tree need a little taste too.  Funny thing is the weather witches, soothsayers and all knowing have been forecasting all kinds of thunder, rain, hail and even some frog stranglers.  But, in this part of the country, it is better set up irrigation despite the so-called experts.  The highs have been the the 80's last week, up to and including today.

Hunting / Re: Not with a Creedmoor
She sure seems happy and the game proves it was a good hunt.  Glad some grandparents can take their grand kids outdoors and walk in the field, etc., instead of staying indoors and play video games or do social media by the fire.
Competition / Re: To clean or not to clean....
I agree if it is good, maybe it should be left alone.  Although when I used to wear the OD green suit that my Uncle required us to wear, I can remember taking the M14 into the shower because of the extreme mud, ice, snow, etc.  Then dry the sucker and yourself and then thoroughly clean the bore receiver and all parts, and oil it.  Then you can put on your jamies and lay your weary head on the pillow.  So in the military, PM to the firearm always came first, but circumstances are different now - we are not out in the field in extreme weather.
General Discussion / Re: Another long range record, 2118 yds.
Let's see $6.50/round and using 20 rounds for load work up, figuring he had three sessions and found the optimum load costs him $390.00 just to start to be able to compete or shot 100 rounds or so for fun.  I guess he might be related to an oil baron, manufacturing magnate (like Henry Ford), or related to the guy who owns Amazon, or Tesla. 

I think I will practice with my 22 LR and 17 HMR and then switch to the 6.5 for serious target shooting.
General Discussion / Re: Popularity of Both 6.5 CM and 6.5 PRC
Who would have ever thought that after the introduction of the 6.5 during WWII (or did Finland introduce the rifle and rounds after that) would have so much success today.  Kind of like the 7.62 NATO introduction and how it is so common now.  I find that the 6 mm and 6.5 mm to be very exciting an it is always fun to read about the latest advances in this now recent popular rifles and cartridges.  Has anyone come up with a 6.5 PRS Ackley Improved?
General Discussion / Re: Prime ammo in trouble
This seems like a long and involved situation for both Prime (limited funds and resources) and RUAG (lots of funds and legal staff) and the outcome is likely going to hurt both sides. 

Come to think of it, I dated a girl in high school named Norma.  When out with her once and haven't talked to her since.  Well, I have some 30 carbine Norma brass but that purchase was over 30 years ago.  Guess I won't be calling them either!!
General Discussion / Re: suppressors
I'm leaning towards Dead Air's Sandman TI for my Bergara HMR 14 in 6.5 Creedmoor.  Mainly because they are located next door to Bergara USA's HQ and thought it would be cool if ever there was a need for the rifle company to talk to the silencer company.  Also, the Sandman TI is well thought of and does a very good job.
General Discussion / Re: Not secure?
If you use SSL or port 443 for your browser connections, you should be OK.  Just shut down the TCP ports that you don't need.  I used to have a linux box that only allowed SSL inbound and it was locked down tight.  So tight it drove my fellow IT Security guy crazy when he launched nMap.  With a Mac, there are a number of ways to make your browser sessions more secure.