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General Discussion / Re: Covid 19 - Think We Have Been Had by the Medical "Experts"
been quiet a few young people die from it too jerry....  alot of folks are ok with some old people dying to get the economy going again.... im not... my mom is old... 2 or 3 uncles are still living that are old... i wouldnt trade all the money in the world for any of their lives.... and everbody that is ok with it has family that i bet wouldnt trade their loved ones for a economy thats good...   people are too quick to say hey its over there and not effecting me... till it is effecting you and you or someone you love is dying from it...   i grew up poor and done without for along time.... i can do without again if i have to... but i would hate to think i would have to do without my family and the ones i care about....the economy will come back eventually.... our familys wont if their 6 feet in the ground... i will leave my political views out of it here because it would be just like every reply in this thread and thats based on speculation and opinions....  thats all from me here...
Reloading / Re: New Guy Here
they should be fine ... since you will be working up your load with them... once you get a load developed and you decide you want to try a different primer you may have to tweak the load a little...
Reloading / Re: New Guy Here
Welcome 6.5 hunter.. i have the same rifle as you that i hunt with.. great shooting rifle.. but dont be suprised if the speeds are slow.. for whatever reason i just couldn't get the speed out of mine i do on my other 6.5's . I use hornady brass in mine so no input on the sr primers.. my 143 eldx load runs around 2680 fps..
General Discussion / Re: Covid 19 - Think We Have Been Had by the Medical "Experts"
Couple of doctorate degrees in medicine here and I’m still confused by the “data” that’s available. My suspicion is that the truth lies somewhere between the two extremes. Like the Corona that causes the common cold, this Corona (Covid 19) is definitely more contagious than the standard influenza virus.  There is strong genetic code evidence that the Covid 19 virus is a genetically engineered strain that was being researched for bio warfare - yes. Initially produced in a US level 4 lab but then stolen and transported to the WuHan lab by a visiting Chinese researcher. Believe me - I understand this sounds like off the wall conspiracy rhetoric but the info is there if you want to go look for it.

There are two very important differences between a standard flu transmission and Covid. A large portion of our US population is immune from the flu, either from prior infection or vaccination. Thus “herd immunity” already exists in the US for the flu virus which drastically slows its spread. Until this Covid virus spreads through our entire nation there is no natural “herd immunity” and no vaccine which is resulting in medical care over load.

With a high RO, only a fledgling herd immunity, and no definitive therapeutic “silver bullet medication”, it is a wait and see game to determine the infection’s mortality in our virgin population. Information from China is progressively being proven deceptive at the best. The data from Europe is likely more representative and the mortality numbers there are impressive.

This is a prefect storm for this administration - damned if you do and damned if you don’t and the only truth will lie in hindsight. This sounds pretty harsh but I think our economy is more important than our old people - I’m one of the old farts with comorbidity issues. I hope to see a decision made very soon to isolate/protect our at risk older folks and turn the younger folks loose to get the economy gears turning again ASAP.

Wow!!!  This just blows my mind.. 😒
General Discussion / Re: Covid 19 - Think We Have Been Had by the Medical "Experts"
"  Drug overdoses, heart attacks and car wrecks far exceed this monster"

Today covid is the #3 killer of Americans.. the experts say by the middle of the week it wll be the #1 killer.. whether we want to believe it or not its destroying everything in its path.. peoples lives, our economy,  our way of life as we knew it.. serious stuff and scary..
Reloading / Re: Lighter weight
I shoot the 107 smk in a tikka t3x lite with re 15. They grouped great in it.. havnt shot any criters with them yet but they will kill the x ring on paper
Reloading / Re: 135 vs 140
Well i kinda got preoccupied with the prc for a couple weeks their but got back to the 135 atips today.. 41.3 gr. Of re 16 is giving me 2800 fps with them and thats pretty much centered in the node.. their shooting bug holes at a hundred yards and inch and a half groups at 430.. thats without doing anything with seating depth.. could probably tighten it up with a small change there one way or the other.. pretty pleased with them.. probably wont replace my 140 berger hybrids with them but will add them to the rotation.. 😁
Reloading / Re: Nosler 140gr custom competition
@kragluver  i shoot the 140 berger hybrids in my stealth.... along with the 140 eldm's... both shot good but i would give the edge to the bergers...their pretty easy to tune and fly nice way out there...