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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Not bad fer a huntin stick
the bare gun weighs 9 pound.. the accu stock on the predator is a pretty solid stock...heavy varmint contour barrel on it makes it a little heavy but its a solid gun...
Gunsmithing / Re: New orxy chassis by mdt
chaz whats your thoughts on them.. its obvious you like it with the second one in hand... my only complaint if you could call it a complaint is that its such a straight chassis that I had to put medium high rings on my action to get the scope up high enough to get a good cheek weld...which puts my scope up off the barrel a little more than I like.. I prefer my scopes just off the barrel and with this chassis I had to get it about 3/8 of a inch off now... which isn't bad …
Reloading / Re: Alliant Reloder 26 - in stock
I was about to panic a month or so ago.. I was down to a half a pound of it.. but got lucky and found 7 pounds of it at a lgs about 3 weeks ago... should hold me over for a little while and maybe by then it will be like h4350 is now... everywhere... good to hear its back on the shelves though...
General Discussion / Re: Night Force Two Piece Base
The scope should tilt down in the front so measure each half on each side of it and the tallest Base will go to the rear of the gun and the shortest base will go to the front of the gun and the shortest side of each will go toward the front
Reloading / Re: coax press question ?
I have been using a light film of lucas gun oil but didn't know if I should be using something else or nothing at all... curious what everybody else is using...
Reloading / coax press question ?
this may be a silly question but what do you guys use to lube the rams on your presses ? or do you oil them at all...
Gunsmithing / Re: New orxy chassis by mdt
No.. as fuj said it's a solid one piece chassis.. I'm sure the side panels could be molded in different colors. But when you start changing things on something the price goes up.. it will surprise me if the price doesn't increase anyway as word gets out.. it's a solid system and I got half a motion to get another one while their still under 400 dollars even though I dont need one at the moment..