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Reloading / Re: Bullet sorting question
“measure the pressure ring at the BS / BT junction. “

If you think about this you will realize the process would be  a real PIA. Handling each bullet, finding, and accurately measuring the pressure ring with a set of calipers would be a bit tedious. If you want to pursue it, use appropriately sized neck bushings in a go/ no-go approach. You are simply looking for the oddballs to be culled.

My "advisor" says you need a bench mic to accurately do it. Several thousand $$$, I found an old Brown & Sharpe in pristine shape on eBay for a fraction of that and quickly grew tired of measuring pressure rings LOL 
Reloading / Re: Bullet sorting question
IMO   Sorting to .001" is ideal for B to O, measuring to .001" is ideal for measuring OAL so they can be binned in bigger lots within .002" to .004" of each other.

As far as OAL I'll sort to within .002" - .004" depending on how a particular batch is shaping up. Say you sort 1000 bullets and they have a .014" OAL ES that gets you 5 bins with 2 bins likely holding 60-70% of the bullets then the bins to either sides holding the rest. Next you sort B to O within each bin and get possibly 2 - 3 bins off each OAL bin. So it's possible to end up with 10 - 15 bins with 4 - 6 hopefully holding the bulk of the bullets. So now we have a bunch of bins but many to the edges will have fewer bullets.
I'll use these for fouler / sighters and occasionally shoot a ladder with them if there's enough in the bin.

Measuring and or sorting to .0001" is so far beyond overkill IMO I'd look for a new word to label it. If and I mean IF we could honestly consistently repeatedly measure to .0001" where would we put all the bullets and how would we find enough of the same measurements to shoot a ladder let alone a match.

If you want to measure something to .0001" I've been told by a 600 yard multiple world record holder who has started making bullets to measure the pressure ring at the BS / BT junction. The same guy also told me that a piece of dust or a light film of lube, oil from your fingers etc. will skew that measurement so the likelihood hood of repeatedly accurately measuring it outside of a controlled environment is minimal at best.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 308???? Why!
Not sure what brand the lower is. I'm basically following the experienced friends lead here. I'll post up as soon as I know what I'm dealing with.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 308???? Why!
A friend up north ordered some AR 10 lowers recently and wanted to know if I wanted in. Being doubtful the common man will be allowed to own one much longer & never having an AR 10 before I said sure.

After much discussion we both decided on the 7.62 / .308 round for the obvious reasons of a more likely ammo availability (hopefully at some point) and barrel life.
Will be a very slow build I'm guessing between ammo, component & parts being what they are currently.

Got a lower parts kit and a couple mags inbound the other day and we're waiting on lowers. I'll start shopping for uppers eventually but I'm sure that's going to be an exercise in futility for a while.
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
SD has a shooting sports association it seems as well. Appears to be aligned with and supportive of the NRA
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
The thread started out as an update on the status of the NRA and has changed to focus on what the average shooter / gun enthusiast can do and what organizations can they get involved in to make a difference in matters pertaining to the 2nd Amendment.

The point has been made the trajectory of NOTHING will be changed if the average shooter / gun enthusiast keeps living in the past and dragging up events of the past. I agree.
To keep complaining about the job the NRA is doing while sitting on our collective asses doing nothing other than mailing off $25 per year expecting things to get better qualifies as the definition of insanity.

Perhaps the NRA is doomed, this is exactly what the people who want to disarm the United States of America are trying to accomplish. Are we going to help them with that by our inaction or infighting?

General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
Sticking to the NRA, I found the entire episode with Oliver North becoming the NRA President for less than a year, then Chris Cox the NRA-ILA guy disappearing around the same time quite unnerving.  There's a leadership problem with the NRA IMO.

I think that's been established and I don't hear anyone arguing otherwise. We're trying to steer this thread towards getting locally involved to make changes and bring awareness to any of these organizations. Rehashing the past is going to do nothing looking to our future as shooters.
This kind of infighting is exactly what the people who want to take our guns are hoping we continue to do.
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
I agree with Ranger 188.  I am required,  to be an NRA Member,  AND North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association,  to remain in the Club.

A club that mandates NRA membership is doing for either 1 or both of 2 reasons,

Participation, scoring and recognition for shooters of an NRA sanctioned match or they believe in and want to support the Mission of NRA
Totally acceptable on the first reason.
As to the 2nd reason many clubs/ranges receive financial support as well as support as txcas outlined in his post in the form of training, legal, insurance etc. from the NRA that might make many of these ranges / clubs unviable without it so again totally acceptable IMO

Either way it's still the individuals decision whether to support or not.
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
Good points @txcas for reminding us the good the NRA does. Always easy to focus on the bad.

I think Jerry's call to get involved in local organizations would help to get any of these organizations on the right track.
Locally where I live the NRA friends of the NRA banquet was a big event for several years. It was in the fall either the week before or after the local Pheasants Forever banguet coinciding with the pheasant opener. It was / is a busy time of year for our community with many out of area or out of state hunters here to hunt and they heavily supported both banquets with the locals.

A few years ago the NRA guy retired and was replaced with a guy heavily involved with PH and the NRA banquet was moved to spring when there was no out of town support in the area.

So where am I going with this?? Good & bad in all organizations and a lot of it is up to the local participants.
General Discussion / Re: NRA
I did some contract work for SAF (Second Amendment Foundation) years ago as they are based in Bellevue, WA.

I met Mr. Gottlieb several times and reported directly to Ms. Versnel who, I believe, is his spouse. I can tell you from personal experience they run a very lean operation.

Good information and exactly the kind I was hoping for. Thanks!
General Discussion / Re: NRA
/\ Right On /\  expecting or thinking someone else is handling is not going to cut it. We'll said Jerry!

I live out in the sticks, the big empty out here in the middle! 90 miles to the closest McDonald's, Wal-Mart etc. County Population of 2980 in a county of 2890 square miles, just over 1 person per square mile. You couldn't make move but the trade off for all this solitude is other people making the laws you live by.

Try getting some representation out here that reflects your values!,_South_Dakota
General Discussion / Re: NRA
I want to thank everyone so far for staying on track and not letting this fall into a lib vs conservative dem/rep shit show!
I firmly believe what PRO 2A organizations we need to support is of the utmost importance for all of us going forward.
Regardless of how you feel about the NRA and your political affiliation there are politicians on both sides of the aisle who want to gather up all our guns and turn us into subjects!!!!


Stick to the topic of PRO 2A groups to support!

Thank you!
General Discussion / Re: NRA
Here's an organization Jerry brought to my attention the other day.

Seems there are more people fighting for the 2A than we realize. This group also has what they call a "sister" organization....

At the bottom of the SAF home page is links to  other orgs. Perhaps it's time to start supporting some of these other orgs instead of complaining about the NRA

Perhaps this move by the NRA will end in a positive way. I can speak from recent business experience (mine and several others) that sometimes they just grow and grow to the point they're actually consuming themselves every day and something has to give. The business won't run without the machine (overhead/ fixed costs) but the machine is outstripping the business.
While I think the revenue (support/donations) is there for the NRA they need to figure out how to trim down the machine and become more effective at the same time. I'll tell you this, it's much easier said than done.

One thing I think we all forget as well, in DC it seems the only way to get anything done is lobby for (buy) it from the crooks we elected so is it any wonder they've become what they have.

They are far from perfect and need a massive overhaul but I'm not sure you could go to DC and accomplish anything without getting some swamp funk on you.