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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6bra
Gotcha Dan.  I guess it would be more likely for a dope card on a PRS rig...or a Gatorade bottle holder. :D
You should see some of the contraptions I’ve been noticing on rigs as of late at matches. I’ve suffered a few double takes. Imagination seems to be the limit.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6bra
Velcro tabs to hold on a barrel mirage shield.

I like the looong fore end on that stock; it should help 'dampen' any movements at the rear bag.  My Kestros ZR has a long wheel base like that and I am beginning to appreciate it.  Nice rig.

Got that Robin, just didn’t comprehend them on a PRS rig.
Competition / Re: Dry Fire Practice
I use one. Allows you to focus perfectly at 11-12’
Set up props in basement when snow falls..

Buy a spare pin and use the original to dry fire with. It will break eventually.
Reloading / Re: Load testing without chronograph
The Satterlee "classic" doesn't use powder charge groups per se; it's one shot per powder charge weight, 10 shots. Of course you can shoot more than one shot per charge, but then you may as well run a good 'ole ladder, or one of it's many variants.

The 10 shot Satterlee is decidedly dependent on an accurate chronograph. One of things I dislike about the test is even accurate chronys like we have available today (Labradar, Magnetospeed etc) will occasionally miss a shot, that sucks when you only get one shot per charge :(. And, I swear my Labradar can sniff out a Satterlee test and figure out how to ruin it :)
I agree. I worded it wrong and was too tired to care lol.
Reloading / Re: Load testing without chronograph
I could be wrong but I thought the Satterlee test was entirely velocity-based, if that's the case I don't see how it could work without knowing velocity.
It is velocity based but when the sweet spot node is found the vertical spread will diminish and those similar fps groups will cluster or be closer to themselves than the others (low/high node)     Velocity can also be confirmed w drop or “come ups” with a reliable ballistic app, provided your scope’s tracking is correct.
See: Truing feature.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: pics of your rigs
That, or H4350, seems to be the consensus in a straight .284.  I've got more than 16 pounds of 4831sc in the closet...I'm kinda hoping it will shine as it is all the same lot and.....PAID for ;) .
I think I would definitely work the 23 also.
A temp stable RE22 on paper is too good to not give a fair shake. Visions of RE16...
Reloading / Re: finicky custom 6.5 CM rifle!
I’ve had work done by Accurate Ordnance and their product is reliable and built right.
I’m lead to believe that you would benefit from doing a thorough OCW test to find a forgiving node. With a 24” 1:8 in a 6.5CM you’ll more than likely find it between 2720-2765fps or 2810-2840 fps ONLY if you don’t see pressure signs.
I’m of the belief that if the rifle is sound (built right) it’s really a matter of tuning the load to achieve consistent accuracy. 
Gunsmithing / Re: Patriot Valley Arms
Ranger give 95gr TMK’s a try. I know a few guys who swear by them in 6br w/ 4166.

Ps every pipe that Josh has spun for me is at minimum .25moa or better hammer.
General Discussion / Re: Jet Blast vs Hellfire
I own and have used both- (on the same rig btw)
I have to give a slight edge in recoil reduction to the Jet Blast. The other advantage is the JB helps to take majority of concussive wave off the shooter. This is a feature Josh really strived for even tho it has rearward angled ports like the popular fish gill designs, i.e. the Hellfire. Only concern w both is you’ll want an adjustable to cinch the jamb nut on the JB. When it’s lightly torqued it won’t come loose. The 419 uses the hand tighten nut but a slight torque w a strap wrench is also advised.