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Competition / Cartridge of choice for competition
I was reading about 3-4 months ago about the new cartridge of choice for competition but I forgot what the article said. What is the cartridge of choice now for competition?
General Discussion / Thermacell pads
Does anyone know what the Thermacell pads are made of? Is it cardboard, fiber like a fiber washer, or what? I don't want to know what chemical is in it but just the material it is made of.
Reloading / Re: FX-120i reloading scale jig
3D printers are awesome, I thought about buying one, but I don't have enough reasons yet to get one.......yet.
When I bought it I only had a few things I wanted to print out but as time went on I kept finding things to print. It can be frustrating at times when something goes wrong and you have to hunt and hunt and hunt endlessly to find the solution but that is the name of the game in anything.
Reloading / Re: FX-120i reloading scale jig
I got the impression that you didn't realize they offered those. Yes, if it works just as well or better and you're saving money that's great. Maybe you should think about offering them up for sale.
When I made it they did not have it available. It has been great for me. I too wish all those goodies were available when I bought the scale from Adam. I have Area419s powder cup, adjustable base, master funnel kit, and now ordered the clear Lexan top. They are all top notch stuff. I just keep finding more and more things to make with my 3D printer.
Reloading / Re: FX-120i reloading scale jig
Just a quick search indicates your printer costs somewhere around $750, I guess if you have other reasons to own the printer then fair enough. It must also take some time to design something like what you did (very impressive BTW), I know what my time is worth, $85 to have everything done right and delivered to my home is a bargain :)
It cost me around $1200 assembled and delivered. I have since made and sold 4X that amount in products produced by it. This is not a business for me but some people want certain things and I try to make them. It helps me learn more. Some projects are very complex but the centering jig above took around 30 minutes to design and about 1 hour to print.
Reloading / FX-120i reloading scale jig
I bought this FX-120i set up some time ago and it is really good BUT there are some things that needed fixing. First this top needs to be clear so that you can see what's going on so I just ordered a clear Lexan top from Area419 for it. Second is that it is a pain to center the cup every time so I made this jig from my 3D printer. If you guys want the stl file to print it let me know. Third is that the straw system should be updated and I am working on another 3D print for that.

Reloading / Re: Scale rebate not being honored
I just talked to Trevor at CE. He said that they talked to A&D management and they said that they (A&D) will honor the rebate. Trevor is waiting for A&D to send them something in writing so that they can post it. You should receive it in about 6-8 weeks.
Reloading / Re: New Powder Measure?
Got mine in a couple days ago and set it up yesterday. I had some initial problems with it (my fault) and emailed Adam. He responded very quickly and now  everything is running very accurately and smoothly. I decided to use grams ( 3 decimal places) instead of grains (2 decimal places) because I believe it is more accurate. Great machine, Very accurate and faster than my RCBS 1500 chargemaster.