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General Discussion / Re: Steel Target Hanger
The hangfast system is great. It’s weak point though is the T-bar below the target. The metal is soft and one good sized 30 cal bullet will take it out. I one foot piece of bullet shield below the target would be a good addition.
General Discussion / Re: Go fund me page
Ranger I’ll make you a deal. You contribute to my fund and I’ll contribute to yours, as long as you contribute more.
General Discussion / Re: Go fund me page
By the way Grant, I’m pretty sure it was YOUR statement that got Gregg thinking hard about this purchase. Something about “better than sliced bread”. 😂 I will admit though that I played a roll in getting you to spend your money initially for the same item.
General Discussion / Re: LE Wilson 👍
Jeez, some people are so nosy!😂

300 NM shell holders for the Wilson trimmer. Had to trim the necks before running them thru a 308 bushing to get 2 thou neck tension on some 7mm 195 gr Bergers.

I also have some beach front property in CO to sell if anyone is interested. 🤠
General Discussion / LE Wilson 👍
Placed an order with LE Wilson this morning at 8:00 my time. Product shipped at 10:01 my time!  That’s the kind of customer service to applaud. 😊. Oh, the quality of their products are also top notch. Thank you LE Wilson!
Reloading / Re: Reloading press
Eric what is TIR in the chart?
And could you give a link to the publication the chart came from please?
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6bra
Just for reference my 6BRA in and MPA stock with weights and set up for FClass came in at 22 pounds