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General Discussion / Not secure?
So when on this web site, my top browser bar shows


Any ideas?

If anyone remembers I had issues earlier with some pop up things a while back.( new complete page would pop up )
Im going to run a scan tonight again. ( MacBookPro )

Edit, I see some of my other web pages do this as well, must be an apple change from the last update.
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Athlon
These seem interesting. Has anyone used these yet? Specifically the Ares BTR, and the Midas Tac version.
General Discussion / Rifle mounted dope card?
So I have no idea when I will use it, but had an idea to make one of these just cause I was bored.  Super easy to make and it apparently works, errr its not field tested but works when the rifle is sitting on the floor lol.
Doe anyone use one? I thought it might be handy hunting off some big hills where we like to shoot coyotes and Mule deer.
I just searched online and made it similar to what it looked like.

Hunting / Speed kills
So I shoot 140's in my Creed at 2710. I wonder if 130's at 2800+ is better suited for hunting deer sized game?  I was unfortunately unable to find a nice whitetail buck this past fall ( nocturnal buggers ) to even test my 140VLDH's.
How fast are the 130's going?
Competition / Rimfire precision
So I took my 9 year old to a .22 PRS introduction event this Saturday.  He had lots of fun, but we are not set up for it very well.
I just had him use my 10/22 with a trigger kit, with a crap scope I had laying around. ( I had a red dot on it the past few years )
We did shoot a Savage Mark 2 B series, and a Ruger precision .22 that were available to try as well. 
I'm not sure yet if I will get him fully involved in it yet, (or myself) however we are going to watch the first event in early March.
My question is what .22 rifles are you all using?  Online I see lots of CZ variants, and the cheap Savages.
I have a CZ 452 varmint, but it's in 17HMR, nice rifle and shooter. The Savage I would get would likely be the Mark 2 FV SR. Not sure what CZ model I would be looking at just yet, I do see a new model is coming out that looks interesting, the 457 Pro Varmint. SR. Of course its more money but looks pretty good.  The Ruger precision .22 was actually very nice to shoot and was accurate, the bolt cycled very easy even for my son, although the Savage was not too bad to cycle the bolt, but a tad clunkier.

I also do not know what bags I should be looking at getting.  For my Stealth I just have a small pinch bag that works great prone or on a bench, but with PRS it doesn't do much.  If anyone could spare some advice I would truly appreciate it.
General Discussion / Infected?
Not sure, but I have noticed several times that when using this website, stuff pops up on my computer, not porn and such, but my search bar is trying to change pages and what not.  I close it out and then everything is normal again.  I use a Mac book Pro, and I also scan it for bugs frequently. It only happens on this website.  Anyone else notice something strange going on here?
Reloading / Double torch hook-up
So I thought I would start this as I was already cluttering up the other thread the was not mine.

I am trying to connect two torches to one 20lb propane tank.
I think it needs a regulator to work. I got everything hooked up, replaced the faulty T fitting and proceeded to test the flame position.   I can just barely get enough pressure to light them. No pressure for flame adjustment at all.
I disconnected the 20 lb, and hooked up the 1 lb bottle to the long hose, the flame had full power.  So I shut it off and then disconnected it and wow all the propane left in the hose just purged out with a rush, had to vent out the garage lol.  Anyway, it's obvious that the 20 lb tank is not providing the right pressure,  it is 3/4's full.  It must be something internal in the valve that is not happy just letting the hoses fill up without back pressure of a regulator.  Not exactly sure.  Also I can see the apparent problem of disconnecting the unit when I'm done with it.

I am going to try my neighbours tank when I get a chance tomorrow.
And disconnect the unit outside when i'm done with it.  It never should be left with pressure in the lines when not in use, or maybe just burn it off with the torches with the tank valve turned off would be easier.
Reloading / Base to Ogive consistency
I think I remember somebody mentioning this a while back.
As I am going to be using my next 5lbs of H4350 (same lot) and my next 3 boxes of Berger 140VLDh (same lot) Things should be good for a bit.  I have prepped my brass and went overly numbers.  I have about 12 Berger's left from an old lot, they are approximately,

old bullets btog are .732
new bullets are btog  is .749
and I have two boxes of 140VLD target, btog is .743
Dang you Berger lol
Before I try and match my velocity node to the new bullets, any idea how much I should reduce my charge weight just for the seating depth?
I also have to adjust for the new powder lot I will be using, but no pressure signs at all at my current 41.2gr load.
Next barrel is going to have large purchase of bullets and powder in one visa card purchase to make things much more simple lol.
I Opened up two different boxes of different lot numbers of 143 ELDx, the btog is the same.
General Discussion / Warm enough
So, I managed to get out today, set up flags in frustration, rushed things a bit as I had the boys out shooting my 410 shotgun.
Still was a fun day and learnt some stuff.
Only shot out to 544 yards as I was having rangefinder issues. ( new one in the mail ) A bit of vertical but still good in my books. In the 3rd picture the target is only at 200, was hoping to let my 10 year old shoot the Savage, but the sun had come out and was an issue for him so that will have to wait for another day.

Hunting / Go time
First morning of rifle season. 6.5 is reduced to barely 100 yards. Dang fog.
Wish me luck.
Gunsmithing / Savage 10 pin protrusion
I had a few light strikes out in sub freezing temps, I assume it was lube on the bolt and firing pin channel freezing up. However I just measured my pin and it protrudes 0.064”.
Does anyone have a recommendation as to what’s the best?
General Discussion / Me 0 1000yards 1
So I tortured myself yesterday.  Took 2 hours to arrange 1000 yards going around slews and over rolling hills while adding up rangefinder values and putting out marker flags.
Eventually got set up.  Missed three times and could not see ground impacts due to a falling away hill behind the target.
So we decided to move the target back to 544yards. ( just where the landscape allowed setup without moving the bench )
I was shooting right and 1/2 moa high. Adjusted my scope, repainted my steel. Took three shots, after shooting two just left of center, adjusted scope over one click and sent the third just right of center.  Group was 3" No vertical.
So that was fine, moved the steel back to 1000, and shot another six rounds. Nothing.  I must have something wrong with range setup/rifle setup/and for sure me lol.  My last few shots I dialled back my Ballistic AE clicks to try and get in front of the target to spot the misses better and managed to see some snow fly on two of them. ( still behind the target )  It was almost dark so we packed up and drove to the target.  I found two of my last impacts behind the target, but still way back. I'm not sure why I was shooting so high at 1000.  Wind was from 1-3 mph at 9:00  The bullet is dropping quick so pretty sure going under the target and hitting dirt and snow behind it was impossible.  Time to go over everything.
At least I got great results at 544, and I did see more bucks on my trail cam, including a shooter buck.
General Discussion / Getting closer part 2
So after being rushed this am and afternoon trying to get a few longer range shots in in my quest for 1000, I am somewhat satisfied. After checking my trail camera, I took my parents out with me to go shoot the Stealth. I kinda sorta lost my long shooting field as the guy baiting coyotes did not really want me shooting there, even though its not his land, and he thought I would scare them off.....long story. ( I have permission to hunt or shoot on this land ) As a bonus, I found a better spot several miles away. Set up there by ranging four times and adding up the numbers, got the target at 813 yards. Missed the first two just to the left of the 18" gong. Checked my flags and the wind had changed from headwind to two o'clock. Held over a bit too far on the next shot but had a hit, held off a tad less for the next three shots. Super fun and can't wait for 1000 next outing as this field is just long enough to get there.
4 shot group of 7 3/8", last three were 3 3/4"  I'm really hoping I can get a 5 shot, 1/2 moa group out to 1000. Lots of work to do yet but it was fun waiting for the "clank" of the gong to report back.

General Discussion / Getting better
Well despite the 35-50km winds, a buddy and I went out to ring some steel after checking my trail camera.
We were able to confirm our drops for our muzzleloaders out to 300 yards. Perfect timing for the Oct. 1st Whitetail start date.
We then moved the target to get the most distance possible due to the wind direction, started at 300, 400, then 700.  Neither of us had shot that far yet. ( best for me was 600 )
My rifle was the Savage Stealth 6.5, Vortex Viper 4-12, Harris bipod and a JSA tactical small rear bag. I had been shooting my less than perfect Hornady 143ELDx reloads as I am saving my best reloads (Berger) for hunting and better weather.
First shot bullet flight took  so long I thought  I missed lol. Then thwack.  I was pumped. Took one more shot made a hit again. Then my friend grabbed his A-Bolt LR 7mm Rem mag out with factory 160 Nosler Accubonds. ( he needs a calmer day to test seating depth on the reloads we are working on for him )
Anyway he made two hits as well, so we were 4 for 4, first attempts ever at that distance and we were happy.
When we drove up to the target to see, we were very surprised at the results. We were hoping just to make hits, but were surprised at the results. You can see two separate groups.
This is by no means bragging of any kind, ( everyone here shoots much better ) we were just happy with the results and are excited to move forward.