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General Discussion / Scope deal
Midway has a vortex pst gen2 5x25x50 ebr 4 reticle on a special sale for 559. With a set of free vortex rings. One heck of a deal if anyone is needing a great scope.
Gunsmithing / New orxy chassis by mdt
I ordered one of these a few days ago.. I've grown fond of shooting with a chassis rifle so when I traded for that 22-250 a couple months ago I knew I wanted it in a chassis.. but with the price of them I was hesitant.. not wanting to spend a grand on a chassis I kept looking.. then seen where mtd was going to start making a more budget friendly chassis so I waited till they came out.. well it came today and I like it.. alot.. it's got a fairly long wheel base to it. Nice palm swell on the grip.. and the grip is a little more vertical than a normal chassis set up.. its built well.. feels good behind it and in the hand.. haven't shot it yet but I know I'm going to like it.. for just under 400 bones I'm thinking mdt hit a home run with this chassis..
Bolt Action Rifles / Not bad fer a huntin stick
Drug out my savage 10 predator max1 6.5 creedmoor this evening along with a box of 20 eldms 140's that I loaded probably a year and a half ago.. 2 at a hundred showed it was still dead on.. so sent a few out to 250 yards and she was doin good so went to 430 yards and shot two 3 shot groups that were 2 inches or a little better and my last round at a 2 inch plate.. not bad fer a huntin stick.. the 3rd pic is a 6 inch plate. :)
Gunsmithing / My old stealth (future 22creedmoor)
Been messing around with my old stealth.. painted it awhile back and decided I didnt like it so stripped the chassis all down and painted it again.. this will be my 22 creedmoor as soon as criterion gets my barrel chambered. James at nss tells me I should have it by late june.. will screw it into a model 10 varmint target action that I have on the gun already.. looking forward to shooting this round.. I have a couple boxes of 90 gr. Berger hybrids to try in it.. James tells me they should be perfect in it as the barrel will be chambered for the 88 gr eldm which is just a fuzz longer than the hybrid. Anyway it will look a little different than this with that shiny barrel on it but I think it will look good.. ;D
General Discussion / Memorial day
I would like to give a shout out to the men and women that serve our country and to those who gave their lives for our freedoms.. thank you and God bless you all..🇺🇸

Have a safe memorial day
Reloading / Primers
Was somebody looking for these primers awhile back.
General Discussion / the mental midget that i am...
yesterday I got home from work a little early so I decide to shoot my 6.5 criterion barreled creedmoor… I start off at 300 and its shooting great... so move on to 430 yards and again shooting just like I would want it too... hitting right where my aimpoint was... all in all sent 30 rounds down it with the last 15 connecting on a 2 inch plate at 430... couldn't be happier right... wrong … this is where me thinking im a genius comes in.. when in reality im a mental so last night I go out in my building thinking I will replace the 30 rounds I had shot earlier... I have 40 cases cleaned and annealed... check my base to shoulder measurement and its the same as a fired case as it should be since I hadn't sized them yet... heck they will chamber without sizing the body... lets skip that step and go straight to sizing the neck with the lee collet die... size on just as I have a 1000 others and think hell lets tweak that a little.. give the top cap of the die a half a turn... yeah that's bound to be better... so I size my cases necks and trim and prime them... ready for powder... again the genius I am says hell my barrel has probably sped up since the last time I loaded so lets drop a tenth on the charge weight.. shot half moa yesterday bound to be better today... so I charge a case and seat a bullet... damn that didn't feel like im used to.. little harder to seat since I give her a little more neck tension... better change the seating depth a fuzz to account for it.. yeah that will help... so I load 40 rounds with numerous tweaks that I just know will help.. again the genius I am... ::) 

go out this morning and check to see just how damn good my loads are going to be.... hell I might shoot a group at 430 with them all touching... but lets start at 300.. crank the scope up to where it should be and let one fly.. humpf a couple inches high... cold bore is what I tell myself... let another one fly and back down to where it should be but right a couple inches... humpf … the wind is blowing a little... that's what I tell myself... little heat in the barrel now so lets go for a great group... 3 down range and a 2 inch group... that damn plate was swinging pretty good... f$#k it.. move to 430.. it will shine there... send 3 down there... 4 inch group low and right... jesus you mental midget !!!  why cant you leave well enough alone... why would you change everything about your load that shot 1/2 minute groups or better the day before.... the answer... I am a mental midget and I cant help it.. I know better but I cant help if you make changes to your load folks do them one at a time... I will put my load back to where it was and it will shoot like it did... little lesson for me... im no genius... :D
Reloading / Base to shoulder
Something I dont quiet some nosler brass the other day for my 300win mag. Been using hornady.. fire formed some of the nosler brass and had some hornady brass that needed cleaned. So cleaned and annealed them all. Started checking length from base to shoulder datum on both brands and their different.. the hornady is .003 longer than the nosler.. dont quiet get that.. shot in the same gun.. do you think the nosler just hasn't blowed the shoulder all the way out yet? Looks like they should measure the same..
Reloading / Switching brands of brass.
I have been using nosler brass in my 6.5x284 and it has become like finding hens teeth here lately so I'm switching to lapua.. got a hundred of them a few weeks ago and to be honest I'm not too impressed how they came out of the box. Base to shoulder datum line is all over the place on them. A spread of .007 . The necks all dinged up and obviously had to be straightened up. But nothing that cant be fixed with sizing and fire forming.. case capacity is .8 tenths less than the nosler cases which is expected.. I was wanting to work up a load for the new cases and then tweak it after fire forming them. But with the base to shoulder datum line all over the place I wonder if I should just load them a couple grains less than my nosler load and fire form them before I do a load work up with them.
Bolt Action Rifles / Cleaning the herd!! (Gun porn)
Rainy ole day here so thought I would clean my long range guns.  :D from front to back 6mm creedmoor , 6.5 creedmoor , 6.5 creedmoor,  6.5x284 norma and last but certainly not least 300 win mag. All savage actions... a observation I noticed all clean really easy but the shilen barrels don't catch hardly any copper while the criterion barrels do catch a little... I'm blessed..
Bolt Action Rifles / Wheelin and dealin..
Had a little local gun show here this weekend ..I had a marlin xl7 308 that I hardly ever shot . So I pulled the scope off it and took it too the gun show. To see if I could sell it or trade it. Ended up trading it straight up to a guy for a new savage model 12.  22-250 with a bull barrel. We both thought we got the better deal. Lol. I know I can build of the model 12 and couldn't off the marlin.. so I brought it home and cleaned it good and sent a handful of rounds down it with cleaning between them. Did a quick 10 shot ladder wit 69gr smk's and looks like it wants to run at 3360 fps. Its early in the game and I'm sure that will change. Will tinker with it for now and turn it into something cool down the road. I did give the black stock a paint job.
Wildcats / My 6.5x284 is humming along nicely
Loaded 20 rounds for my 6.5x284 this morning  in brass that has 10 loadings on them and these will be their last loadings due to loose primer pockets.. the 147 eldm's are Cruz in along at 2970 fps.. I took a piece of insulation board and nailed it up to my 430 yard post that I hang my steel plate on and stuck a orange 1 1/2" target on it and sent 5 rounds at it. Blew the third shot and knew I did but the other 4 are in a 1 1/4" inch group with 3 of them being 1/2"  I put one of them enhanced vertical grips on the gun and like how it feels. Thanks again Jerry. Pretty sweet.. anyway here's the gun and group...
General Discussion / Can you wear one out?
I got a new action this past week for a 22 creedmoor build and since it's going to be a couple months before I get the barrel for it. So instead of the action just sitting around I decided to screw my old 6.5 stealth barrel on it and put it in the stealth chassis and shoot it. I had about 150 rounds loaded for this barrel so instead of pulling them I will shoot them. The lands is so far gone on this barrel that when using the hornady modified case a 140 gr Berger hybrid falls out the end of the case before it hits the lands. Lol. But I'm going to shoot these rounds up. So I put a old Hawke scope on it that was on it originally  and zeroed it in and shot a five shot group that was all touching. Then went to 430 and shot this group . Not too bad for a old shot out barrel.  ;)
Competition / good news bad news
well me , my boy and my buddy went to that match today... had it set up quiet a bit different than they did last year... more of a prs style I guess... 7 stages set up from 300 to a mile... first 2 stages were positional … 300 off barrels and 370 off a gate.. 5 targets each starting at moa and got smaller... very tough for then to 500 with 10 shots and 5 targets starting at 2 moa and going down to 1/2 moa... 2 minute time limit on each stage which through me for a lope... ::) stage 4 was 600 and 700 2 targets on each distance... 2 minutes for both distances and 10 shots.. stage 5 797 and900 .. same thing 10 shots and 2 minutes 6th stage 1003 and 1206 … the 1003 had 2 targets. one 2 moa and one moa.. 1206 had one target 2 moa... again 10 shots in 2 minutes and stage 7 a mile shot.. which I am now a member of the mile club..  :D target size 4x 5 feet... bad news is I didn't shoot either gun very well... had a cross wind from 2 mph to 13 mph that would come and go...  finished 5th with my 6.5 x 284 and 6th respectively with my 300 win mag... got in the mile club with the 300 win mag... good news is my boy... now get this rolled in here from work last night at 3 am.. his dope on his phone was lost due to getting a new phone the other day and he was up till 4;30 am before he went to sleep... I roll him out at 6... so hes running on a hour and a half sleep... goes up there and wins the damn match... :D  :D  (way to go bub)… I talked my buddy into reloading a couple months ago and have been helping him with his load development and he comes home 2nd.. ( nice job brad on all accounts) all in all a great day for us... had a lot of fun and cant wait till the next one... hopefully I will do better... had between 40 and 50 shooters...