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General Discussion / blemished bullets
im going to try some blemished bullets... midway has 6.5mm 147 grain bullets in bulk packaging (500 count) on sale and availible... only people making 147 gr. bullets that i know of is hornady... i will sort them base to ogive and if i end up with 3 or 400 good ones i will be happy... tired of not being able to buy the stuff i want... so i will try other means... i also bought 300 . 103 gr. 6 mm blems... no clue who made them..  if none of them will shoot i will melt them down and make 44 mag or 45 acp bullets out of them.. lol

fed up with looking for components... 
Reloading / Ever seen this?
Was sizing some hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass this morning and sized this one and it didnt look right.. looked like a crack in the neck shoulder junction.. took my fingernail and sure enough a crack.. put a little pressure on the mouth with my finger and bent it over.. case has been body sized with a redding body die and neck sized with a lee collet die.. annealed each of the 4 cycles its been through.. neck turned after the first firing.. neck thickness on this one is 13 thousandths.. thought maybe i cut it to deep in the shoulder but it broke a hair above the shoulder.. any thoughts.. the rest of my cases look fine in this batch..
Gunsmithing / jard triggers in a savage...
i know this has been talked about a while back... just wondering if any one has experience with these jard triggers in a savage action...
  i ordered one this morning for a old model 12 action... wondering what you think of yours if you are using them...
General Discussion / Cleaning brushes!!!
My question is.. what brand of cleaning brushes do you use.. i use pro shot bronze brushes and tipton nylon brushes.. wondering if theirs better brushes out there that im not aware of.. that last longer..
General Discussion / fire cracking of the steel or just hard carbon cracking..
a member asked if i would give the details on how to remove the hard carbon and burnt in carbon in a barrel... so here it start with i make no claims that doing this will hurt or help your barrels...i know for me i have cleaned that burnt in carbon that solvents wont touch out of 4 of my rifles and their all 4 shooting great afterwards... proceed at your own risk..

 to start with about a month and a half ago i was shooting my 6.5x284... this barrel has about a 1000 rounds down it now and its still shooting pretty good... 1/2 moa groups.. i had cleaned the gun pretty good and looked in it with my bore scope and i could still see the burnt in carbon in it and the lands and first couple inches of the bore was fire cracked bad... but it wasnt black and didnt look like carbon really... i thought i would get real aggressive with jb bore paste and kroil.. first i ran 3 soaked patches of kroil down the bore and let it set for 15 minutes... then i took a 7mm bronze brush and packed it full of jb bore paste.. then i went to running the brush back and forth through the full length of the barrel..  heres where your going to think im but i did this at least a 100 strokes ... all kinds of black stuff came out... i then moped the bore out with patches soaked in kroil till they came out clean... looked it over with the scope and it looked alot better but i could still see carbon down in the groves on the first half of the barrel so i let it soak another 15 minutes..
loaded the brush back up with jb and went to work on the first half of the barrel... another 100 strokes back and forth... patched it out and looked again... this time i could see some of that fire cracking at the lands and the first couple inches of the bore was gone... and most of the black carbon was gone in the groves except the firs 6 inches of the bore...
 soaked it again and loaded the brush back up with jb and gave the first 6 inches of the bore another 100 strokes.. mopped it out and looked and could barely see any fire cracking... i gave it another 50 strokes in the first 6 inches and mopped it out agai and couldnt believe what i was seeing... the fire cracking was gone... clean shiny could tell the very start of the lands were melted away a little..  i had northland shooter supply on speed dial because i was pretty sure i had just ruined my barrel.. but i loaded the mag with 10 rounds and the first 4 or 5 was all over the im talking bad... i thought yep i junked it... but sent the other 5 down it and with each shot it was getting closer and closer to my zero point... loaded 10 more and by shot 15 it was hitting back where it should have been... i then shot a 3 shot group at a hundred yards and they were all in a ragged hole... so i went for 430 yards.. and there i shot a 3/4 inch group... i was all smiles... now i dont know what the long term effects of this type of cleaning will do but i do know for a 6.5x284 with a 1000 rounds down it that has been hammerd on its whole life it should be toast and appeared to be when i started...   but now i think theirs alot of life left in this barrel... i was so pleased and shocked i went to work on a creedmoor barrel and had the same results... so i took two more down to bare metal and their all shooting like the should... if you want to get that burnt in hard carbon out give this a try... if you think its unneccessary then dont bother... makes me no difference... just sharing my experience...
Bolt Action Rifles / Tinkering with my rap 243
A thread awhile back about pillars in the boyds stocks got me to thinking about my rap 243 in a boyds prairie hunter stock. The rap beds in 2 vblocks that are put in the boyds stock but the pillars attached to the vblocks only go about half way through the stock.. i wanted to improve on that so i tool a 1/2 drill bit and drilled down through the wood to the pillar.. then filled those holes with fast curing jb weld.. sets up in 5 minutes and fully cured in 6 hours.. any way i let it cure and then took a bit the same size as the holes for the action screws and drilled down through the hole in the vblock and out through the jb weld.. worked perfect.. bolted the barreled action back in it and everything looked good.. i also had a 6mm little bastard brake laying around so i screwed it on the end of the barrel.. also gave the barrel a really good cleaning.. thought i better shoot it a little today to make sure it was zeroed from the stuff i had done to it.. it took 7 rounds for the barrel to settle back in from the cleaning and it was a inch or so low.. so made a adjustment and poked 3 holes inside the inch orange dots at a hundred and called it good.. with the little bastard the gun set right there.. not only is this a nice little rifle it also shoots really nice..
General Discussion / Doing a fellow shooter a solid !!!
I want to give (chris) bikemutt a shout out for a very kind deed he did for me.. i had ran out of berger 140 hybrids a couple weeks ago and chris offered me a box of them.. something he didnt have to do at all especially the way things are right now.. that was very kind of him and speaks volumes to the kind of guy he is in my book.. thanks chris for doing a fellow shooter a very kind deed.. 👍👍
Reloading / impressed and shocked...
several months ago (8 or 10) i got some of the 153 grain atips from hornady and the consistency of them was outstanding from a measuring stand point... as well with accuracy... little on the pricey side but you gotta pay for quality... i was getting low on them and they shoot so well in my 6.5x284 i decided to get some more of them since you can still find the 153's... my order came yesterday and this morning i wanted to see how much difference they was in base to ogive measurements from the old batch to the new batch... so i pull out a old one and get .839 from base to ogive... pull out a new one and it measure it just knowing theirs a difference... it measures .839 as well... check a few more and same thing. .839  that impresses me and shocks me a little as well... gotta give kudos to hornady for keeping the tolerances so dang tight on these pills... ;D

i will continue shooting these in my 6.5x284 and will also try harder to get them to shoot to my needs in the 6.5 creedmoor... 
Reloading / Coax bling..
That boy of mine made me a new handle for my coax. Its inbetween the long handle and the little short handle.. he made the rod out of a inch cylinder stem. All stainless.. turned down one end to fit the press and the other end with a 3/8 threaded stud to screw a ball on.. i decided to go with a hurst shifter handle instead of a ball..  :))
General Discussion / props to blue collar reloadin
i have been looking for 6.5 bullets hard here the last few weeks... mainly bergers as i loaded my last hybrids yesterday.. with none to be found i started looking for eldm's or match kings just anything to replinish... no luck on anything... then i was going through the bullets on midway and seen uncle larry has the 153 gr a tips... ( pissed at uncle larry by the way) he had them for 93 dollars a hundred... grrrrr... almost pulled the trigger but didnt... so i remember seeing that blue collar had them a couple weeks ago but figured they were gone... nope they still have them... 65 dollars a hundred... big thanks for keeping it real to the folks at blue collar...  uncle larry it will take me a while to get over
Competition / upcoming steel match
accuracy Indiana has their steel match coming up in a few weeks (march 14)..
i have been busy trying to decide what rifle to use in it this year... been shooting my 6 creedmoor my 6.5 creedmoor and my 6.5 see which is shooting the best... and their all shooting well... i did have to redo the load on my 6.5 creedmoor today... had to drop the charge from 42.5 to 42.3 but in doing that i had to pull down about 200 rounds and start over... quiet a chore but their all loaded back up and ready to go i believe... as of right now im leaning toward the 6.5 creedmoor for this match but i have a couple others i want to shoot a little and then stretch all their legs out before i make a final decision... the match will be from 300 yards out to 1400 yards and then one stage at a mile... pretty fun match and me and my boy and my buddy brad do pretty fair at it...last year i had trouble with a scope i wasnt use to but that wont happen this year... lol... looking forward to it...
General Discussion / cleaning a brake. learned something today...
this morning i cleaned my 6.5 creedmoor up good and wanted to clean the brake also... so i go to cleaning the brake with bore teck carbon remover and a q-tip along with a little pick... quiet a chore and took awhile... thinking they got to be a better way and maybe i should get a ultra sonic cleaner for the job.. so i go to you tube and start watching videos on ultra sonic cleaners and cleaning gun parts in them... but i dont see any brakes being cleaned in them...
so i type in cleaning a brake and the first video is a guy from apa giving a video on how to clean a break... he talks for a bit then pulls out a cup and a bottle of water... im thinking he's thirsty but nope.. he also gets out a bottle of lemmi shine... im thinking humpf.... he fills the cup with water then puts some lemmi shine in it and stirs it up good and sets the brake down in it and says in 20 minutes the carbon will wipe out like soft mud... i quit watching at this point and get myself a cup of water and pour some lemmi shine in it and set the brake off my win mag down in the solution... it stars bubbling a little and after a few minutes i pull it out just to see if its doing any thing and sure enough it is... so i put it back in there for the remaing minutes and then took it to the house to rinse it out and clean it with a q-tip... used the kitchen sink spray hose to rinse it out and 90% of the crude rinsed out... a few wipes with a q-tip in the hard to get places and the brake looks like a new one... worked great ... alot of you guys probably already new this but it was news to me and it worked well... happy camper here... ;D
General Discussion / Boyds at one accessories
A few weeks ago a guy from jamerllc emailed me and asked if i would be interestead in testing a prototype rear bag rider for the boyds at one stock.. i told him i would be glad to but all i had in a at one stock was a savage axis chambered in 270.. and i was sure their was others out there that had alot better set ups to test his product on.. but if he wanted me to i would tell him exactly what i thought of the bag rider.. he said he would keep me in mind but he was asking others as well.. i figured that was the end of that.
A couple weeks went buy and i got another email from john saying he would like me to test it. And with my address he would send me one and he did.
I got the bag rider 3 or 4 days later and it looked good.. i drug the ole 270 out and removed the bottom piece on the butt stock and put the bag rider on.. easy as unscrewing 2 screws and screwing them back in.. the fit was excellent.. it looked really good on the rifle.. i shot the rifle a few times before i put it on and then after.. it actually made my groups better with the rifle.. keep in mind its a savage axis 270.. lol. Just thought i would share this info to any one running the at one stock.. its a good upgrade to it..
I have no ties to jamerllc or anything like that  just a guy they asked to test one for them.. heres a couple pics.
General Discussion / Orxy chassis..
You guys probably get tired of hearing me praise the orxy chassis but i cant help it.. their just a really good platform to set a rifle up in.. i got another one this week for a 22-250 i picked up at a gun show a year or so ago.. its a savage 10 heavy barrel.. i had it in one of these chassis to start with then ended up using the chassis for a 6br build.. so i put the 22-250 back in the original stock.. the accuracy was good in the original stock but not like it was in that chassis.. so i replaced it with another new orxy this morning.. makes my 5th. One thing i noticed with the new one was the finish on the main frame.. they just keep getting nicer.. the plastic panels on the side do have a couple rough places where they were broke from the molding process.. 2 little 1/2" long places on one of the edges.. a razor blade cleans them right up and they look perfect then.. another cool thing about the panels is you can take them off and paint them.. i painted a set of them for this one a couple weeks ago.. the chassis is a drop in fit with your barreled action.. torque it down to 60 inch pounds and your good to go.. at a price of 399 and have it setting at your door in 10 days is hard to beat in my opinion.. love these chassis and wanted to share another one with the members..