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Gunsmithing / Barrel snafu
I was all geared up to shoot my prc in that match a couple weeks ago.. had took it and shot it way out there about 3 weeks before the match and it did great.. i just knew i had something for them boys.. a week before the match i shot it deep again and it didnt do as good.. so i gave it a good cleaning  and looked the barrel over good with my bore scope.. and didnt like what i saw at all.. first foot of the bore fire cracked bad.. so i start checking things.. had lost .040 of the throat and my speed was down around 45 fps.. this barrel only had 600 rounds down it.. it shouldnt have been like that yet.. never did shoot long strings with it or get it really hot.. i called shilen and told them about what was going on.. they wanted the barrel to look it over.. they have had it a couple weeks now.. still waiting on word from them.. in the mean time i ordered another one last week and it came today.. so once again im in the 6.5 prc business.. went with a palma profile this time and i like it.. was using rl26 in the other pipe.. think i will stay clear of that powder in this one.. at least till i hear from shilen.. this one will get a dose of rl23 with the 156 bergers.. here she is ready to rock and roll again..
Reloading / 135 vs 140
im wondering if i can expect the 135 gr a tip to run in the same node as a 140 gr. berger hybrid... any of you guys run any 135 gr. bullets in the 6.5 creedmoor and if so did you find the nodes to be close to the 140 class bullets?
Bolt Action Rifles / My favorite rifle..
Been shooting alot of different rifles here lately.. dave talking about the atips a couple days ago convinced me i should get out the 6.5x284 and some 153 gr atips... hadn't shot it for a good while and thought i should show it some love..
 Had my big plate at 430 yards all painted up and in the bottom right corner  theirs a 6 inch plate bolted to it and in the left hand bottom corner is a 2 inch plate.. my applied balistic app tells me 5.75 moa up for the atips.. so i dial it in and looking at the big plate and decide to go for the little one.. 2 incher.. cold clean bore.. why not.. squeezed one off and blew all the paint off it.. im like heck yeah.. got on it again and let one fly and hit.. shot it 8 more times and hit everytime.. love this gun and round.. its been a hammer ever since i put it together a couple years ago.. a pic of my favorite..
Reloading / Kinda scary
They was a few pieces of brass laying on the ground at that match saturday.. a guy said heres some prc brass laying here if anyone wants it. I said i would take it. Seen right away it was 6.5 creedmoor brass so i picked it up any way. About 10 pieces of it and didnt pay much attention to it .just threw it in my bag.. sunday when depriming my brass to clean them i checked out the brass that was laying on the ground.. never seen brass that looked like this.. lol. I pitched it all in the scrap bin..
Bolt Action Rifles / 204 ruger project
I picked up a new savage model 12 stainless fluted 204 ruger barrel this week. 26 inch varmint contour .. i had a model 11 223 that i dont shoot much so i pulled the barrel off of it and screwed the 204 barrel on it. Then put it in a model 10 max 1 predator hunter stock i had.. should make for a nice varmint  rifle.. think i will call it the johnny cash rifle.. 😁😁
General Discussion / Mpa's enhanced vertical grips
Jerry convinced me to try the enhanced vertical grips on my mpa chassis and i really liked them.. now with the orxy chassis and the pdc chassis on my 6.5 prc with the angled grip i didnt like as much so i pulled one off a mpa chassis to see if it would work with the orxy and pdc.. and sure enough they fit good. So i orded a couple of them tuesday and they where in the mail today.. heres one on the pdc with my 6.5prc.. hard to believe how much better they make a chassis rifle feel when your behind it..
Gunsmithing / Rear bag rider for the orxy
The only complaint i have with the orxy chassis is the butt stock isnt very rear bag friendly.. so i set out this morning to remedy that problem and came up with this bag rider.. took some aluminum i had and cut a 5 1/2 inch long piece by 1 1/4 inches wide. 1/4 inch thick.. drilled and tapped the bottom of the butt on the orxy and then drilled and counter sunk to holes in the plate.. rounded all the edges on the plate and mounted it.. turned out pretty good and think it will work great..
Reloading / A beautiful thing!!!
6.5 prc in hornady brass.. loaded with re 26.. berger 156 gr. Eol elite hunters.. these babys are running right at 3000 fps in my 26 inch shilen pipe and pretty dang accurate.. this is what i will be shooting in this match thats coming up.. after practicing with it sunday them boys are going to have me to deal with come march 7th..  ;D  ;D
Wildcats / At it again..
Those that know me knows i get bored pretty quickand looking to take the next step.. well the next step came in the form of the 6br..(the easy button) they claim.. i picked up a little used shilen select match 26 inch barrel on accurate shooter and decided to use a model 10 predator hunter max 1 that i have that i very seldom shot for a donor action.. and put it in a orxy chassis.. got it all put together and went to work on a load for it.. i thought initially it was going to be a easy process as i loaded 10 rounds for it with a random load just to shoot it and get the hawke 6x24x50 scope dialed in.. 3 rounds had it dialed in and the next 3 made a ragged hole.. im thinking hell this is going to be easy.. shot the other 4 and a inch group.. what the heck.. so i load a short velocity lader and shoot it and had a flat spot at 2885.. so i load 3 in the middle of the flat spot and again a ragged hole.. so load 5 more.. first 3 went in one hole.. then one high left 3/4 of a inch next one right 1/2 inch.. so try some .2 gr higher.. not very good so go .2 gr lower again not very good.. getting frustrated i load a full 10 shot ladder and it shows 2 flat spots.. one at 2830 and one at 2890.. so i try the lower one .. 3 shots in the .2's load 3 more and just moa.. tried above and below it and would get 3 good ones and then it would throw 2 out.. realizing im chasing my tail for some reason. I check everything on the gun.. everything seems fine.. but something wasnt and the only thing i could think of was the scope.. so pulled the scope and took a gen 1 pst off my 222 and mounted it last night.. this morning i sighted it in and knew right away it was better.. loaded 5 at the 2830 node and it was just under a half inch and i couldnt get it any better so i took a big swing with my jump.. which its jumping a mile.. barrel must be throated for the 110 smk or 115 dtacs cause touching the lands with a 105 berger hybrid only has about a 1/16 of a inch of bearing surface in the neck.. so im jumping a mile.. anyway changed seating depth way deeper and and it closed up into the 1's and low 2's at a 100 yards.. so this afternoon i shot it out at 430 a few times.. so much for the easy button but im getting there.. a pic of the rifle, a 100 yard group and a 430 yard group..
Competition / Up coming match
The match me and colt and my buddy brad goes to every spring is coming up here in a few weeks.. weve all faired pretty well in it the 2 years they have had it with colt winning it last year brad took 2'nd and i came home 3'rd.. i kinda held back for them ya know..  :D .. lol (not really) anyway their changing things up just a little sounds like.. starting out at 400 instead of 300 this year and going out to a mile.. last year they had targets out to 1200 yards and then jumped to a mile.. sounds like their going to add one inbetween them this year.. probably around 1500.. i have a decision to make as in what gun to take.. with the extra distance im thinking a heavy hitter.. leaning hard toward my straight 284.. but got that 6.5 prc and my 300 win mag..any advice on which to choose?
Reloading / Well humpf!!!
Got a hundred 95 gr. Sierra match kings for the green hornet awhile back and decided to work up a load with them in hornady brass that i skimmed the necks on .. ( dabbling in neck turning a little).  Loaded a 10 shot ladder like i alwas do and everything was going according to plan.. loaded in the middle of my flat spot and shot a 3 shot group with all them touching.. pretty nice little cluster but not a one hole group.. 41.8 was the charge so i wanted to see what 41.7 looked like as well as 41.9.. 41.7 was a little bigger but not bad and 41.9 wasnt too bad for the first 2 shots but the last shot had a mind of its own.. not sure what the heck happened.. the shot felt good.. nothing wierd sounding or anything like that and i expected it to be in there with the rest of them.. wrong.. about 8 inches high and right.. wtf.. over... bottom left is 41.8. Middle is 41.7 and bottom right and midle right is 41.9.. lol im not that bad a shooter.. 🤔
Reloading / A reminder from where i came from at the loading bench
I had about a hundred 222 rounds loaded from probably 25 years ago with i forgotten powder and bullets.. decided to pull them down last night as i wouldnt want to shoot them now.. (some of them probably wasnt safe back then) so i pulled them down and dumped the powder in a pan.. 3 different kinds of powder amongst them.. pitched the bullets and fertilized the yard with the powder.. thought i might as well clean the cases so i did.. 3 different headstamps in the bunch. So i sorted them out and come up with 50 remington cases.. back then i didnt even know what annealing was so first step was to anneal them.. then got to measuring the shoulder to base and that was kinda scary.. some with no bump. Some with .012 bump but most around .004 bump.. same with oal of the case.. they were all over the place.. lol.. anyway run them throug my case trimmer and evened them up.. then run a expander mandrel down them and turned the necks with a skim cut to clean them up.. sixed the necks with a lee collet die and put fresh primers in them.. did a 10 shot ladder and found a couple flat spots.. (the little cases make this a little more challenging as the jumps in fps are bigger and the flat spots still may have a 20 fps difference in them) got 40 cases left to figure out which flat spot groups the best.. anyway kind of a step back in time as to where i was and where i have come to.. hope these old cases still produce..
General Discussion / turkey day
would like to wish everyone a safe and happy thanksgiving.... my favorite holiday....
Reloading / Neck turning protocols
Im getting ready to start turning my necks to clean them up .. i would like to hear how you guys do it from a fresh fired case to a finished product.. in detail... appreciate any help i can get.. thanks