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General Discussion / Help reading my target
I just dont know.. 100 wind.. i get close on a couple then it opens up..  ;D jerry gave up on me so im turning to the masses.. i test different powder and charge and seating and neck tension and primers in each round.. so i gotta be doing it right.. read it on the interweb ;) to test all that stuff.. what you guys think.. am i getting close.. 😏😁😁👍
General Discussion / A little demonstration.. dont kid yourself..
I had cleaned my 300 win mag awhile back.. and cleaned it with as good of solvents you can get per the experts..  ::)  anyway i knew they was still hard carbon in it that solvents wouldnt touch after working on my 22 creedmoor.. so i took a couple wet patches of bore tech carbon remover (which does a great job of removing fouling) and run through the bore and let it sit for 20 minutes.. then run a dry patch through it.. first pic is the dry patch.. clean bore right? Not even close.. then i run a couple wet patches of pro shot 4 clp in the bore and let it sit a few minutes.. then took a nylon brush and covered it with jb bore paste and wraped a patch around the bottom half of the brush and covered it with the paste.. and run it through the bores entire length about 30 strokes then another 20 strokes through the first half of the bore and pulled it out.. second pic is of the patch i removed from the nylon brush..  :o wraped another patch around the brush and covered with jb's again and went to work on the first foot of the bore.. 40 or 50 short strokes and puled it out.. third pic of patch around brush afterwards.. then sprayed some brake cleaner on some patches and mopped out the crud in the barrel.. when they came out clean i run a couple patches with clp through the bore then a dry patch.. removed the bore guide and mopped out the chamber .. now my barrel is clean.. some of that stuff you just cant get out with solvents.. no matter how bad you want too.. lol
Bolt Action Rifles / My dang 6mm creedmoor 😎
To start with i wish everyone had one of these savage stealth evolutions.. awesome rifles..
 I been shooting and working on that 280ai for the last couple weeks.. thought this evening I would shoot something else.. i pulled out the evolution.. took it up on my platform with some 105 bergers sitting on rl16 in alpha cases and thought i better check zero.. clean cold bore i let one fly.. little high and right.. better send a couple more before i adjust anything.. let another one go and hit the same hole.. sent 3 more and their all in the same hole with one out just a fuzz.. couple clicks left and good to go.. so dial in 250 and shoot a 4 inch plate.. then two 2 inch plates a couple times each.. theirs a ping pong ball hanging down there also might as well go for it.. one shot and its gone.. 😁
Move to 300 and send one at a plate with a couple hits on it from the other day and use one of them for my aim point.. let one go and im a inch high it looks like.. one click down and i go for a 3/4 inch hole in the plate.. let 2 go and narry a sound.. this hole is in a idps target just under the neck area of the target.. i didnt miss.. might as well send a few to 430.. target of choice a 2 inch plate.. went 3 for 3 on it.. closed the ammo box and called it good.. its a joy to shoot a gun that you have complete confidence in and very little recoil.. awesome evening.. i needed that after struggling with the 280ai..

My 5 shot group and evolution 🤗
General Discussion / Fathers day
Would like to wish all the dads out there a happy fathers day.. i know it means alot to me!!
General Discussion / keeping a opened mind...
i have always been skeptical about putting any thing abrasive down the bore of a gun.... so when it came to cleaning i would always use solvents and patches with the occasional brush once in awhile when i had trouble removing stuburn buildup... then along came the green hornet.... thought i had kept up with the cleaning on it but it got to where it wasnt shooting that great... would put 2 in and throw one out a 1/2 inch... so i went to cleaning it and bore scoping it and it didnt matter what i used i couldnt get all the carbon out of it...the carbon down in the groves was burnt in there and nothing i used was getting it out and believe me i tried everything in the book except an abrasive... a few people told me to take some jb bore past to it but i wasnt sureso i talked to my smith about it the other day and he told me the same thing to run some jb bore paste on a nylon brush back and forth in the bore a bunch of times and when he said a bunch of times he said a 100 passes back and forth and it would get it out... so i ordered a tub of it and got it yesterday... used it today... did like he said and brushed the crap out of it and cleaned it good and run the bore scope in it and sure enough most of it was gone... but still a little in it so i did it again this time with a patch wraped around the brush and about 50 more strokes and she was carbon free... dont know whether it helped accuracy yet or not but it couldnt hurt it... my smith assured me it wouldnt hurt my barrel ... he uses it on his match guns so i gave it a try and glad i did... i will be using it again im sure... still a rookie and learning...
General Discussion / Orxy add ons
I seen on the orxy chassis page where their offering some add ons for the orxy chassis.. a arca rail for the forend. Some cheek rest adjuster knobs and now have 4 different colors for the side panels.. black, od green , fde and gray. I about pulled the trigger on another one of these chassis systems for the 280 ai im working on and probably will tomorrow.. put a mpa vertical grip on them and their a great platform..
Gunsmithing / Savage 111
Learned something today .. my friend dave educated me.. a savage 111 long action isnt always a long action.. apparently for a few years savage made everything on a long action.. including short action cartridges.. they just didnt open the bottom of the action up as long for the short action cartridges..
Last week i picked up a used 111 action with the intent of building something like a 280 ai or 25-06 or something like that.. well i got the action today and even though it a long action its not going to work without some modifications.. so im going to try my hand at modifying it.. im going to open up the bottom of the reciver to accept my aics long action magazine.. i mounted the action in a mdt stealth chassis i have and took a sharpie and painted the part of the action that needs to be removed.. im going to take a 4" grinder and remove the bulk of it and then a dremel and clean it up.. 😏😏
Reloading / Frankford arsenal case prep center
Dont know if anyone else uses one of these to trim, chamfer and debur or not but ive been using one for a few years now and its worked well.. about 6 months ago i replaced the cutter head with a rcbs cutter head because a had wore the other one out after 1000's of cases trimmed.. well last week my outside chamfer head had all but quit doing anything so i was looking for a replacement head.. midway has a hornady outside chamfer head with the same threads as my old one so i ordered it.. nice upgrade.. this thing is sharp.. like a kid in school with a electric pencil sharpner.. bout trimmed the neck off my first case.. 😁 sitting there in amazement by how well it chamfered..

Good upgrade if anyone needs one..
General Discussion / simple question... :)
if you had a long action laying around what would you turn it into.... i done have a 6.5x284 , 284 and 300 win mag... purpose... ringing steel out to 1500 and punching holes in paper... what would you build?
Reloading / That was easy enough..
Been struggling with the 156 berger eol's in my prc.. sent about 350 of them down range in looking for that good load and just couldnt get it to shoot like i wanted.. so i switched to the 153 atips today and did my usual 10 shot velocity ladder.. my numbers pretty much mirrored hornadys load data for them with re 26.. i had 2 flat spots.. one around 2990 and the other at 3045.. course i went for the 3045 node.. loaded 3 at 55.4 gr. And shot them.. made a single hole.. thinking it may be a fluke i loaded 2 more and shot them.. the hole just got a smidge bigger.. still need to test them at 300 but im close on my first attempt.. 😁
Heres my numbers and 5 shot group with the atips..
Reloading / Skimming necks
I fire formed fifty new hornady 6.5 prc cases over the weekend and noticed the 156 berger eol bullets wouldnt just fall down in a fired case so i decided to skim the necks. New neck thickness was .0143 to .0145 so i turned them down to .0138 which cleaned them up for the most part.. will anneal them and then load and shoot them again.. may have to take a little more off.. time will tell..

On a side note my replacement prc from shilen came today.. so i got one on stand by..  :D
General Discussion / Behind in the man cave..
Seems i can never catch up on my reloading.. i get close sometimes but then i get to tinkering with loads or guns and next thing i know i have this.. these have all been shot the last 2 or 3 days.. lol.. they include 6.5 prc , 284 win, 6 creedmoor , 22 creedmoor and 6br..least their all clean.. lol
General Discussion / Shooting bench in the man cave
I have been able to shoot out of my building for a long time but never was happy with my table.. wasnt long enough to use a bi pod with ..the old table had a 2x4 on top of the table at the front to mount it and half the time my front bag was sitting on top of that 2x4.. and the table wasnt long enough.. so i took it all apart this morning and made some much needed changes.. lowered it a inch and lengthened it a foot.. mounted it to the wall different so the whole top is usable.. raining here today and thought this was a good day to fix it.. and did..
Competition / informal backyard 300 online comp....
looking to see how many would like to give this a go....
it would be a 300 yard competetion.... shoot what ya got... it can be any rifle... shoot it how ever you want...
 would be 35 rounds... 5 sighters and 30 for score... (3) 10 shot strings.... targets would be paper targets with a 11/2 inch x ring and a 3 inch 10 ring verified with a tape measure.... you can buy a target or make your own... long as the x ring and 10 ring is verified with a pic of the size... practice all you want but when it comes time for score you have to post on here that your shooting for score.... after posting your shooting for score you have 4 hours to post pics of your targets... targets will have 5 sighters and the (3) 10 shot strings on them... this will be done on the honor system... meaning we will have to trust everyone is shooting at 300 yards...

anybody that would like to do this just post (im in)
Gunsmithing / Barrel snafu
I was all geared up to shoot my prc in that match a couple weeks ago.. had took it and shot it way out there about 3 weeks before the match and it did great.. i just knew i had something for them boys.. a week before the match i shot it deep again and it didnt do as good.. so i gave it a good cleaning  and looked the barrel over good with my bore scope.. and didnt like what i saw at all.. first foot of the bore fire cracked bad.. so i start checking things.. had lost .040 of the throat and my speed was down around 45 fps.. this barrel only had 600 rounds down it.. it shouldnt have been like that yet.. never did shoot long strings with it or get it really hot.. i called shilen and told them about what was going on.. they wanted the barrel to look it over.. they have had it a couple weeks now.. still waiting on word from them.. in the mean time i ordered another one last week and it came today.. so once again im in the 6.5 prc business.. went with a palma profile this time and i like it.. was using rl26 in the other pipe.. think i will stay clear of that powder in this one.. at least till i hear from shilen.. this one will get a dose of rl23 with the 156 bergers.. here she is ready to rock and roll again..