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Competition / 2020 IBS National Matches
The 2020 IBS 600 yard Nationals will be August 15-16 in Humboldt SD at Hunter's Pointe Shooting Complex. Ive never shot that range but will be leaving this Thursday to shoot their regular season match 3 & 4 this weekend.

The entries to the 600 Nationals is capped at 108 mostly because of the number of benches and being able to get it all done in 2 days. My entry is in and I received an email confirmation this evening and.

The 2020 IBS 1000 yard Nationals was to be held in NC but has been cancelled due to Covid but has been rescheduled for September 5-6 At Vapor Trail Valley range in MO, Tom Jacobs really stepped up to take it on. He's a stand up guy who does a lot to support the IBS long range community.

I think I'll have to make plans to go since it's only about 900 miles vs the 2000+ mile trip the NC match would have been.

Overall there are a lot of good shooting opportunities yet to come this season within 400 - 1000 miles from me and I'm going to squeeze in as many as I can.
General Discussion / ...Freedom isn't Free...
Picture taken at the Dickinson ND Veteran's Memorial this morning.

The second quote is how I feel about all the Bull$hit going on in our country.

The word blocked by my reflection on the black granite is ashamed.
Competition / Making a set of competition brass
I've got two sets of what started out to be 300 pieces of 6 BRA brass as well as two sets of 200 pieces of 7-08 improved brass. All Lapua.

One set of BRA is on its 8th firing and the other set is on it's 4th firing.

The 8x set was neck turned back to spec, trimmed, annealed and fireformed to get off the fresh anneal cycle after 5 firings.

I've lost pieces to loose primers, poor neck turning outcome whether going too fast and "washboarding" it or plain getting it too thin. Lost one to a split between the neck junction and shoulder junction and probably a few more pieces for reasons I can't recall. I've got one box with probably 30 pieces that are good enough for foulers but I wouldn't use them in a match for sighters let alone records.

Out of 300 to start with I'm probably down to 225 +/- that are fit for match duty.

The newer set will need a refurbishing after the 6th firing. So with one set getting fewer and fewer with every cycle and the other coming up on maintenance time I decided it's time to make another set.
Reloading / Foul your barrel in!
We all put a lot of effort into load testing and many of us assume a few fouling shots and we're good to go.

I've noticed at matches my best groups tend to be towards the end of the match.

When testing I tend to clean my barrel after 2 ladders. That's 30 testers and maybe 20 sighter/foulers. In testing my best ladders are almost always the second one.

These pics really illustrate it, first two are first ladders after a good barrel cleaning and the third is after the first ladder.

I've decided I need to shoot more sighters to have my barrels at their peak accuracy.

My point is when testing make sure your barrel is completely fouled in to get the best results from your effort.

General Discussion / Reloaders website with chamber setback calculator????
Anyone know what I'm talking about? A guy suggested it on here some time ago and the site had reload info but also had a calculator to tell how much setback was needed to go from one chamber to another and achieve full clean up on the old chamber.

I should have had it saved but don't see it.
Wildcats / Panda 6BRA tune
I've always ran the 7-08 Imp. barrels on this gun but screwed on a Brux 6 BRA 7.5 twist and loaded up two ladders of 106 Roys. I put almost 800 rounds down that 7-08 imp Brux barrel. Several different bullets, powders etc. said screw it I'm switching to something that will shoot SMALL!

They shot well in spite of of me not having the rest post locked down on the first set then being short on sighters for the second set I never did get on the plate because of the loose post from the had me about 3 feet to the right with it tightened.   
Competition / GRRC 600 yard matches
592 miles to the gate of the range, 20 of them were a trip out to my shop and back to get my CLR out of my gun room there. Headed back east and remembered my scale calibration weights about 3 miles from home, so about 565 miles pushing into a stiff quarter head wind getting 8 mpg all day.

Waiting for a guy to let me into the range so I can make camp.

Should be able to test tomorrow morning then load my match rounds in the afternoon.

Two matches LG & HG tomorrow, 4 targets each, 5 shot groups is 80 record rounds total.
One match Sunday so 40 records, 120 total plus sighters and foulers, another 100+

Should be fun.
General Discussion / Trailer mods.
I bought a 20' x 8.5' tandem 5200# axle enclosed trailer over a year ago to haul my 4 seat Polaris Rzr with. It sat at home all the first winter and summer then late this winter  I brought it up north and started using it to haul the rzr and a lot of my shooting gear to the range with.

I ordered it custom with an extra 6" in the side walls to clear the roof on the 4 seater rzr and it's a full 20' + a 4' V nose sloped at the V. I also ordered it skinned with white "siding" on the interior so it was clean and bright not a dark hole.

I added a bench and before long I was leaving the rzr and all my gear, rests, bags, most of my cleaning stuff, target etc. in the trailer because if it was in the trailer it saved me a ton of time loading and unloading all that gear Everytime I shot which most of you know is often.

I really liked everything about it but a few miles on the gravel at 20-30 mph completely filled it full of dust, bad!

Yesterday I threw the bull$hit flag and my youngest son and his friend that just completed electricians training at a vo tech stripped the interior out. It became immediately clear all the dirt was coming in between the sidewall studs down on the bottom rail.

A trip to Menards for 22 sheets of 1" R5 foam board and electrical supplies and we went to work.

Wildcats / Long Dasher / Short GT 40*

Here's something to chew on, a norma Dasher has a longer neck than a Lapua Dasher. It's 1.3093 from bolt face to neck shoulder with a 40* shoulder.
A 6 GT is 1.433 from bolt face to neck shoulder with a 35* shoulder

That's .1237" difference from the dasher up to the GT. If a person were to run the dasher reamer about .040 long. Make brass from 6 GT or even 6x47L

That would give you a long neck long dasher or a "6 GT 40 shorty"
I think you could use dasher dies and occasionally size the base with a 6 GT FL die. If it all worked out I'm sure Harrel's could make a sizing die using a dasher die reamer run in deep the same amount.

Mull it over and tell me why it won't work Randy.